The camera angles were super weird this episode. Left, right, upside down, tilted, and pretty much everything but a normal angle. It was weird.  Anyway time to get right into it.

The Plot:

A strange persona wearing a mask waving this thing around causes someone to disappear.


Then it switches over to the crew, as in Yuto freaking out and Ryo revealing that she is that radio voice. She also has another secret. But we don’t get to know that just yet.


Back to the Blue Moon, Miyu looks at the work Yuto has been doing. She decides to help in her own way by using her fortune-telling techniques. This is to decode the CODE.


To the others, Toko and Sarai, they are going about searching for clues in Sarai’s dad’s office. They are sort of grateful for being ghosts, but Sarai still wants nothing to do with the occult so is in denial about being a ghost. They also find a picture of Nicola Tesla, with his daughter, which he apparently never had.

Anyway cutting back to Ryo, she is apparently a ghost of Nicola Tesla’s daughter, and now is in Ryo’s body. Because of radio waves she was able to communicate through the radio. Then after some denial, Yuto goes into a fit and Ryo goes back to her old ways and cheers him up.

The evil organization, apparently has started to eradicate the ghost people, as done earlier. But they are running into some issues, this includes missing the key and the gun. Both the things that Yuta and Ryo have. Sort of convenient that their whole plan revolves around the two things they have.

So, FBI High Schooler, Asuna, looks more into Ryo, apparently she is not only the granddaughter of a super-rich family that owns a super-giant medical group, but is also the granddaughter of the dying cult leader. Asuna goes to look into this some more by going to the Blue Moon only to be told that it closed down two years ago.


Aria appears and well, some weird thing happens to her and her friend.


Sarai figures out the code for real and finds out everyone is connected to the hospital and treatment that got them the whatever compound that makes them visible injected into them.


The post credits show the mangaka in her own body and her coffin empty, since she really did die.


Overall Thoughts:

I honestly don’t want to say nothing here. But I actually do have a minor thing to say. Some slight issues, now with the show at two episodes left, these issues are becoming more and more apparent.

The first problem I have is the fact the characters feel like they do not do much. This I blame mostly on the size of the main character rooster. There are nine. With that they do not always get screen time, but half the time it feels like they are either, complaining, questioning everything, answering their questions and solving the mystery on speculation. It is mainly the fact it feels like they do not do much and have more time to grow. I do hope this changes in the last two episodes.

My other issue is this episode. After episodes of not knowing what the key is for it is answered. It seems rather odd that Ryo happens to know all the events, needing the key from the doctor, and having the gun that happens to allow for people to be immortal for real. It seems rather odd and pulled out of nowhere.

The overall plan is simple, they want money. I do wish it was something else, but oh well. It still makes sense.

This episode was alright, although it gave a lot of answers, my hopes going into this series were not as fulfilled as I would have liked. But it could have been worse. This anime I was hoping would be a great anime only turned into an okay one, at least so far.

Overall Enjoyment: 70/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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