Yes, there are seemingly at least ideas and concepts relating to other work by MAGES. this episode. Robotics;Notes is not one of them seeing that takes place in 2020. But Steins;Gates and Chaos;Head gets some seemingly recognition, possibly. Either way let’s get started.

The Plot:

Well, everyone is dead and Yuto is still mopping. But they get a call from Miyu so it is time to spring into action.

Back to Asuna, her FBI stuff and cases are somewhat tied. A missing box, more specifically the one with Chi-chan, disappeared. So, she needs to find it.


To Miyu she finds a secret tunnel. This tunnel takes her to that albino kid that believes he can commit however many crimes he wants because he is a minor. Too bad the concept of being tried as an adult does not work for him, although I don’t know if it is like that in law for Japan.

With Yuto still mopping Ryo gives up and decides to leave. Her voice slightly changes to a serious tone about something that will end the world.

Meanwhile Miyu is talking to the albino kid who is addicted to Cardfight Vangaurd, which is real and has an anime series by the way.  But he brings up the scandium, which the Cult was talking about a few episodes back. He also shows Miyu some of her hair that he cut of her corpse. Miyu realizing this her hair falls off and fades out of existence. Later on she believes that when you realize or find out something that happened to your body it does affect you, this could come into play, maybe.

But the strange leader of that Cult is talking to the actual leader of the Cult and he happens to be dying.


Anyway, “I can do what I want since I am a minor” gets arrested and shot at by the FBI High Schooler Asuna.

After looking and saying a few things from seeing the memories of Chi-chan, she leaves. She sees Ryo running and hugging the air. Yes, she is still alive and she can see the dead.


So, the genius professor’s son, Sarai, figures out the massive conspiracy in a matter of moments when Scandium is brought up when talking to Miyu.

Baby Face detective then brings up seeing the future and traveling to the past, also seeing a hidden world, both can be seen as references to Steins;Gates and Chaos;Head respectively. But Kiryu, can in fact and does know something about time travel and Shun wants to know what that is.


The episode ends with Ryo confronting Yuta.


Overall Thoughts:

So, with what I mentioned before about how episodes tend to bring up and either further elaborate ideas from previous episodes. I think Shun completely figuring out and explaining the immortality plan sums it up nicely.

On another note it was a nice thing that they brought up the visible and invisible ghosts. Although this now means that some of the 256 people really are dead, some others are still alive. At least that answers why there are not a bunch of people panicking like crazy.

Either way not much to say. I mean some of this episode felt a little flat, but even the whole confrontation between the albino kid and Asuna fell a little flat too. This episode was alright, and it is hard to elaborate more since it is a mystery, but oh well.


Overall Enjoyment: 60/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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