So, yeah, there were a lot of answers this episode. This is mostly for the bad guys plans, but also some insight on Yuta. So, not much to say other than let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, Yuta is dead. FBI agent Asuna does see him, but due to some issues, she leaves to go lay down. Leaving Yuta’s friends to show up only to find out all of them are dead.

But Asuna is bothered and goes to look into it. They notice the fact that more windows have been opened. Which is odd. Not only that she was the only one to see Yuta.

Back to the manga artist, Ririka. She is talking to that one boy, who well, believes he is the chosen one. She does bring up the point that maybe they are not fully dead or ghosts, seeing that if they were wouldn’t they see dead people from years and years ago?

Back to Yuta, he has a brief flashback and Asuna catches up to him. She introduces herself, and she is a high schooler at Yuta’s school somehow.

Anyway, she brings up Yuta’s dad. There is also the fact he has ties to the Society of Eight Gods of Fortune. This entire situation may in fact revolve around Yuta as well. Maybe, just maybe.

So to that Society, they reveal most of their plan. The spirit realm and human realm synchronizing, so the dead run at the same time as they do. They then plan on selling this psudo-immortality to the rich. The cost to also keep them alive is the main reason. So the Eight Gods of Fortune are clearly out to make a fortune.

Not much else happens. The gang meets the detective and they tell each other what they learned.


Overall Thoughts:

Not much to really say. I mean, this episode did give a lot of answers. But the reasoning behind this plan, it seems lackluster. It is for money and nothing more. I mean, sure it still feels like there could be a lot more to it, and I would not be surprised. But it still seems like it is just too out of synch for this series to make it about money.

I mean, as much as I want to talk more about this episode. I really do not like the fact I have nothing else to say. I thought, oh okay, so they give a lot of clues come the big reveal I will have a lot to say. But no, this is not the case. To me this episode fell a little flat. But there is time to change and hopefully there is a twist to make up for this.


Overall Enjoyment: 70/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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