Well, with the last episode revealing that Yuto may be dead, time to give an episode to deal with the fallout of the ending of episode 6. I will also talk about how it works too. Either way let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Yuto is still in denial and thinking it is a joke. But I mean, him being told he is dead when he is a live, is nerve-racking. But more on that in a second.

New character time! Asuna Kisaki shows up, and she is a detective with the FBI to look into this massive case, especially now more than ever.


Back to Yuto who is roaming the streets. Of course he is not believing that he is dead. Luckily, although everyone was ignoring him, he found someone to help that did notice him.


At the café, everyone is there waiting. But it is not just that. All of them were on the list of the dead. Thus affect speculation on what souls are and if they are all dead or alive, they reached the conclusion that they have no clue.

But it is probably made clear. Asuna looks into Shun’s belongings. He is clearly treated as dead, and well, I will say more on this in a bit. But Asuna uses her special ability, where if she touches an object she can see the past. Well, Shun’s belongings give some clues into what might be going on.

Shun on the other hand, is talking on the phone. Apparently he removed Asuna from a certain investigation from a year ago.


Then it comes into play that it reveals that all the characters are on that list. Aria now sees her devil friend, who apparently has out-of-body experiences and Aria can fully see him now. Miyu too is on the list as the news plays a tribute to her.

Yuta is still ignorant and ties to write a blog post, but before long goes to see the morgue. That way he can know if he is dead or alive. But by bumping into someone, it is not looking good.

Asuna looks at the bodies and gets a clear hint showing Shun’s body that he is dead. But after seeing the last memories of everyone, she believes they might have been under some one’s control.

Then she sees another body. Yuta’s, although she cannot see something, Yuta stands over her shocked, and she sees him then the episode ends.


Overall Thoughts:

This episode was certainly decent in terms of responding to the previous episode. At the same time, it sort of feels like this show could be cut down. I believe I mentioned this before but a lot of the dialogue feels like it is just repeating itself.

If it is not repeating itself, it is focusing too much on certain details. This could easily be seen in the minute or two talking about why they could be dead or alive. Yes, this does add to the mystery, but it is a problem that gets solved that episode.

Despite these issues that are reoccurring, this episode as I said, was decent. It gave a good follow-up to the previous episode. When Shun quickly left the room, I think it was that moment when he realized that he was in fact dead.

I would also like to note this, if you are arguing the fact that how did they not know they were dead until this episode, well, it was already clear. They are only able to talk to people who are dead, but outside of the main characters, after the events of the mass murder, they did not talk to anyone else. They all only talked to one another. Even Sarai’s mom never did say anything to Yuta when him and Sarai went to his house. Sarai thought she was being distant, when in fact she did not know they were there. They have been seen to open doors and whatnot, write blog posts too, things other people can see. So, she heard the door open and saw no one there. Other than that no other character has been present that they talked too.


Other than that, it was good follow-up to the previous episode with certainly more questions to come with that ending and a new character too.

Overall Enjoyment: 70/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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