Well, there are certainly at least a major answer and a few minor answers too this episode, which marks the halfway point in this series. But that certainly does not stop this show from giving even more questions. Honestly the ending I am just going to say time travel since it takes place in the same universe as Stiens;Gates. I am probably wrong, but I will leave it at that and actually talk about the plot so that comment makes sense. So, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Last episode, well, it ended with the manga artist meeting that super white kid. But this episode does not continue their conversation. Instead it starts off with the reporter, Toko, talking about a certain kind of curse over the phone to Yuta’s group.


So, with that call done, they go into talking exactly where the box that holds the curse may be. Needless to say thanks to the manga artist they know it is probably at a shrine somewhere. As for what shrine, well, Aria shows up.

Although Yuta is freaking out of her appearance, since she did curse him, it is not Yuta that gets her upset. Instead it is Hashigami. Aria breaks the lights in anger. Anyway, with her listening in on their conversation, she gives her two sense, although it was probably to her devil friend. But the group learns what shrine. Miyu however runs off after Aria says a white ghost boy might be in charge of the curse. This freaks her out since if you remember, her friend took a picture and sent a text that had to do with that white boy.

The white human boy is them at the shrine. He mentions the curse and how he is a minor so he cannot get in trouble. He says he needed someone loved by everyone. Well, he grabbed Miyu’s friend. Who was shoved into the box he was carrying. They chase after him while Miyu finds out it is her friend dead in that box. Kind of scaring.

But the episode switches over to a group of men talking about the soul. They bring up the professor’s paper, and well they sort of say that they were the ones who did that massive killing that the series is not trying to solve. Of course this was to see the soul and see if it could be taken out of that frozen space in time, or something.

So, Aria is now back at her shop. The detective shows up and needless to say he gets her really angry plaguing her with questions. To top it off he also asks if really the devil she is friends with is just her following him to replace her brother and how she does not want anything to do with black magic.

Well, it then turns out, after a short time. The victims were becoming known. The police are in shock, at lot of people are. In fact, it was Yuta decoding the ceiling from the previous episode. This was to give some closure and maybe help Miyu since she is still in pain over the loss of her friend.


It does not stop there. Yuta is one of the victims. He wrote his name the same time the police announced it. Of course he thought this was a joke, but he really is dead.


After the credits it is revealed that the group from earlier says there are more.


Overall Thoughts:

That ending, well that certainly provides more questions. Although I will admit, I am now a bit confused. I cannot tell if there are more victims or if it was just the reveal of the victims. I am only confused due to the ending with that group. I am only confused since Yuta was writing the victims. I was not sure if he was the one revealing the victims or if it was that group. I guess I won’t really know the answer until the next episode.

The episode as a whole, well, it was nice getting answers and more questions. At least we have a general idea on who caused it and why, although the why is still a mystery in itself. But also what happened to Miyu’s friend. At first I thought it was not going to have that much of a role, but it did. I get the feeling Miyu will start having the idea that it should have been her not her friend.

I do like how it does not make every character appear. Now that half are in Yuta’s group the other half of the nine characters do not always need to appear, this time it was the manga artist. The first episode, which I do not like bring up all the time, was trying to make all those characters know. The series certainly came to the point of having good balance with the characters.

Again, more questions despite the huge answers, but nothing is wrong with that. This episode might have been slightly confusing towards the end (at least for me), but it was still enjoyable.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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