Life is difficult sometimes. Sometimes it’s busy, sometimes you take a bite way larger than you can chew, and sometimes all of the little bad decisions you’ve made for the last three months all catch up with you all at once. Sometimes that all happens at the same time. These last few weeks have been the most difficult I’ve faced, from a work perspective alone, since I had to do my senior project in high school last year. A lot of that comes from me deciding to shoot for a December release for my next book alongside a growing workload before all of my college finals, but at the end of the day, it’s too difficult to juggle everything at once.

Will anime editorials be gone the entire time I’m on break?

No. While I won’t be posting as frequently as I had been up until two weeks ago, if I come up with a topic I really want to write about, I’ll write about it from time to time and once the post is complete I’ll schedule it for the usual time. This doesn’t mean anime editorial will remain as active as it’s been, but it also doesn’t mean that the posts will be completely gone in the meantime.

When are your posts coming back?

Christmas at the latest. Guaranteed I will be free from every single thing I’m working on now by Christmas, and with such an extremely lesser work load on me, returning to the weekly posts will be easy for me.

What happened to the WIXOSS reviews?

I decided it’d be easier for me if I did a full series review at the series conclusion. At the series conclusion. I won’t have a review out on the 23rd right on the dot, but it shouldn’t take me long after to collect all of my feelings about the series. Think along the lines of how the Re:ZERO review went.

Ultimately this entire semi-haitus, if you will, if a byproduct of me being unable to move forward with everything at once. I’ve said before that I’d start to make time for these posts because they matter to me, and while I could still technically make time for them, I don’t want to spend every single waking moment of my days going through December working without time to take a break. These posts still matter a lot to me, but being stuck in a situation where I’m chained to another thing I need to work on is not what I want to damn to myself. At the end of the day, a four week hiatus isn’t that bad, right?

Thank you for understanding, I’ll see you all again next post!

The featured image for this post was drawn by pixiv artist mks.