We’ve got a few things going on this week in Euphonium.

Here’s my review.

From the brewing trouble within the band, to Kumiko’s trouble at home, there certainly is a reason for there to be a fair amount of tension surrounding everyone. Not to mention the constant pressure of the Nationals looming in the not too distant future. This week the main focus is on Kumiko and Mamiko as we get some flashbacks to the early days of Kumiko and how her passion for playing music came to be.

I’m sure it was touched on in S1 at times, but if not this was a good refresher for us all. Kumiko decided to start playing music after hearing her sister perform one. Pretty straight forward how that all began. It was just one of those moments where she knew right then and there that was something she wanted to do when she was older. While Kumiko didn’t end up playing the trombone like her sister, due to every other kid picking that instrument, Kumiko still wanted to be like her awesome older sister and one day play along side her. While that has yet to happen, it’s something I hope does as it would fulfill a life long dream for Kumiko, plus it would be cool to see these two sisters play side by side for once.

On the same lines as this, we get some more insight into why Mamiko is at odds with her parents. We learn that she wants to become a beautician, something she’s wanted to do since middle school, although her parents weren’t so keen on her taking this path. But she followed suit with what her parents said, going to college, taking the exams, but it was never something she wanted. Hell, she even mentions she didn’t want to quit playing in the band but she ended up doing that too. Because of this, her father has now said that if she really is serious about dropping out of college to pursue this dream of hers, then she’ll have to move out and do it on her own.

The band situation is still an ever-changing one as Asuka is there some days and not others. No one really knows what’s happening with her and she’s not one to really talk too much about it. So far there still isn’t much new on this front, last we heard she’s having trouble with her mother but that’s it. I hope they dive into this a bit more as is feels like there is a lot of story to be told there. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen though. Anyways, because of Asuka’s spotty appearance rate, the band is once again slipping up and not sounding the way they should. Hashimoto is back helping out with practice once again and he throws around the word “robotic” to describe their playing style. It’s good but it’s lacking depth and emotion. They’re not going to win by playing like that.

To make matters worse, Kumiko comes down with a cold and is sidelined for a few days. It’s the last thing the band needs, but thankfully there is Natsuki to fill in for the euphonium position for the time being. More on her later. En-route back home after realizing she’s not feeling well, Kumiko runs into Aoi. If we remember back to S1, she was the girl who quit the band to focus on her studies instead. I wasn’t really a fan of her too much and even seeing her after such a long time, my feelings haven’t really changed too much. Asuka has invited Kumiko over to her house for a study session and Kumiko isn’t really sure what to think about this. It’s something she mentions to Aoi, maybe because she’s a 3rd party in all this as she’s not in the band anymore, but whatever the case the two briefly discuss this for a bit before parting ways.


The back half of the ep has a few things going on, Reina visits Kumiko at her home to see how she’s feeling, Reina gets caught in the middle of some family drama while there (always awkward) and Shuuichi is actually kinda useful for once. Didn’t think I’d ever say that regarding him, but his words with Mamiko as they met at the apartment entrance seem to have struck a cord with her. Maybe there still might be a chance to mend the practically broken relationship she has with Kumiko as this looks to be a step in the right direction.

We end with one more shocker for the band: if Asuka continues to miss practice than Natsuki will be taking her spot for the Nationals. Obviously there will be fall out from this in the next ep as the slightest of things throws the band for a loop, but keeping in mind the Nationals are so close I think Taki-sensei is making the right call here. They need 2 euphoniums to play and now that Kumiko is well again she’s back to practice. As for Asuka, she’s missing so much that it’s hurting the band. Honestly I’d like to see more of Natsuki as she’s a good girl (also after seeing her wearing the maid outfit I like her a lot more) but at the same time Asuka is a favorite of mine too. Either way I’m sure the next ep will address this along with Kumiko’s visit to Asuka’s house. Both should be something interesting to watch.

And the next piece begins.


So that’s gonna bring this week’s write-up about Euphonium to a close. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below of send me a tweet if you prefer. Either way I’ll reply in a timely fashion.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


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