Finally the Asuka ep we’ve been waiting for?

Here’s my review!

Well… no not really. As much as this ep is about Asuka, I felt disappointed about how little it really revealed about her. It felt lackluster after trying to figure her out for such a long time, we only get a very little bit of info on her and what we do learn only brings up even more questions. If anything, Haruka was almost the star of this ep as we see more development with her character than Asuka. Anyways, let’s dive into this a little deeper and try to figure it out.


It wasn’t the hardest mystery to solve, but that woman we see at the end of ep 6 is indeed Asuka’s mother. As to why she’s made an appearance at the school, it’s because she’s concerned about her daughters future. In her eyes the band isn’t what Asuka should be focusing on, rather she should quit and turn her attention on university entrance exams so she can make a successful future for herself. Granted every parent wants their child to do well, especially if just the 1 parent raising them. But even so, the approach Asuka’s mother takes is one that is far too forceful and fails to take into consideration the feelings of her child.

To this end Taki-sensei refuses to accept the resignation letter her mother is trying to push on him because he well knows it’s not what Asuka wants. It’s a very tense scene that unfolds in the staff room as tempers reach a boiling point when Asuka’s mother slaps her daughter after she said she won’t quit the band. Just to makes this situation more tense, Kumiko and many other students are watching all this happen, so when the two finally leave the staff room, the rumors spread like wildfire. We already know the band can’t deal with many things without completely falling apart, but this time it’s Asuka who’s at the center of attention and possibly quitting too.  How will they deal with that?

As expected not well. Even though Asuka is back the very next day, it’s only for a day as she’s absent for a month. This takes a toll on the band as their quality of music tanks and Taki-sensei isn’t impressed with what he’s hearing. At this point the ep shifts its attention to Haruka as she is forced to step up and not stand in the shadow of Asuka anymore. Honestly I liked this aspect about the ep more than the Asuka story as Haruka really showed some development here as she really started to take her position of president seriously. For the majority of the time Asuka is seemingly in charge of the leadership of the band as she’s amazing at everything she does, but now that she’s not around Haruka has to pick up the slack on her end and bring the band together.

Of course she can’t do this alone, so with the help of Kaori and everyone else, Haruka is able to stand up in front of the class and refocus them as to their views of Asuka. It’s a short but powerful speech as Haruka brings out that it’s really everyone in the band who put Asuka up on a pedestal and thought she was the greatest. While she is indeed good, everyone relied on her too much because she was always there and always did everything perfectly. They got lazy and just assumed she’d always have their back. Now that she’s seemingly gone, it’s really affecting their music. Haruka makes it clear that they can’t keep letting her absence affect their playing, so instead of Asuka supporting the band it’s time for the band to support Asuka.

We end the ep with Kitauji taking part in a special concert at the train station. Even though they should be focusing on the upcoming Nationals, Taki-sensei says it’s important to take every opportunity to perform in front of people. Of course it’s another smash hit and everything turns out well for them. Even Haruka who was asked to play a solo performed excellently and it was a real confidence booster for her. Asuka also made her return too and took part in the concert, which was an overall morale boost for the band.

So while everything turns out well, the final scene is back at Kumiko’s house where we see her sister putting some sandals on and walking out of the house. If we remember back to last week there was some friction there between her sister and parents, so I’m sure this scene will have a bigger impact come next week.

Until then, the next piece begins.

So while Asuka started out as the star of this ep, she really got overshadowed by Haruka who showed more development and just overall was more interesting to watch this time. I still do like Asuka and want to learn more about her, but this still doesn’t bring us any closer to solving her. The tense scene in the staff room had a few points brought up that I hope are expanded on more as there is still so much I want to know about this girl, but until then she’ll still remain the mysterious girl she’s been thus far.

That’ll wrap up this week’s ep, be sure to let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below or send me a tweet if you prefer. Either way I’ll be sure to get back to you in a timely fashion.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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