Well, not much happened, but just enough happened in this episode. It seems like this is a trend for the series. But this episode was really about at least answering one mystery, while still giving plenty more. Although the mystery that was solved could be minor, well, let’s just go right into it.

The Plot:

Episode 4 ended with Yuta and Sarai meeting. Of course Yuta is still freaking out, since he did steal the tooth off of Sarai’s dead father. However, Sarai quickly tells Yuta he does not suspect him. In fact, the two have been talking often through Yuta’s blog. Sarai just wants to solve the case, since no one is telling him any information. Again the world CODE comes up, since Yuta tells Sarai that information.

The two then proceed to go to Sarai’s place. Yuta is able to look at the Professor’s office to try to find clues. Although he does not solve where the key goes. He did find something odd in the ceiling that may be a clue to what CODE is.


While this goes on Ririka seems to be talking to herself about one of her drawings, but there is a mysterious individual looming over her. She also thinks she might have drawn herself once, and her drawings predict the future.


The following day, Yuta goes to the café to wait for Sarai who may have discovered what CODE means. But leave it to Detective Shun to show up, and well, freak Yuta out all that more by talking about pulling teeth out. It seems clear that Shun knows of Yuta’s connection, at least to the tooth and not the murder itself.


Then it is Aria’s turn to catch the limelight. She is talking to her demon buddy, who tells her that the previous clients seem to know one another. To top it off a mysterious man has been scoping the place out and followed the previous clients. Of course they are talking about Shun, who then walks right in.


Back to the gang at the café, Sarai shows up. Well, he figured that the CODE does have a connection to the weird marks in the ceiling. This is also revealed that it may have the names of all 256 victims in the park.

Yuta then points out that Ririka may be the murder, since her manga has several coincidences, including a means to decipher the CODE in her manga.

The episode ends with Ririka talking to the strange small child and mentioning Frankenstein’s monster.


Overall Thoughts:

Not really sure how to put this. I mean I am not into mysteries because they are slow-paced. This series certainly has it. I am into the series, but I wish more information was happening or there was more of a mystery. Granted each episode having its own mystery, well I never been a fan of those anime series. This series is certainly working for it with an over arching mystery.

I am fond of the series, but finding enough to write about it is hard. This episode certainly proved at least the answer to what was brought up last week, “What is CODE?” Other than that, it really gave more questions than answers. Again, I need to tell myself this is a mystery, of course it will do that.

Overall this episode was enjoyable, and unfortunately that is all I am able to say beyond that now after that mini rant. Oh well.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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