So, after being fairly busy, lazy, and what not, time to get into this review. For starters I will say I do rather enjoy this series. Compared to the other shows I have done here, well, I certainly still plan on continuing to review this. I do not have that many issues like the previous shows I tried reviewing here. So, if I do plan on stopping, I will say it. So, without more delay time to get started.

The Plot:

So, in episode 3 it ended with over 50 bodies discovered. Well, now the number is over 100. A lady even talks to the reporter to claim she saw people walking to it as if they were going for a walk. This promotes the idea that it might be mass hypnosis, at least to the reporter lady and her group. They also leave to go investigate it closer too.

Meanwhile, Yuta wants to get on this for his blog. He does not believe that it is mass hypnosis, instead, a mass suicide. People going together to not feel lonely when they die. Even then for both cases the number reached its peak at 256. That is still a lot of people in both cases.

Miyu is worried due to the fact she thinks her friend could be in that group of people.

Anyway, the demon with Aria, the black magic proxy girl. He may be an average guy who can “die” from time to time. One day he was strolling about and prevented Aria from killing herself as she grieved over her brother. Of course she thinks he is a devil and well he decides to play a part in her cursing of people.

So, apparently, Toko, the reporter lady, knows Miyu. The two talk and long story short. Toko would like to meet Yuto since she believes that there may be some weird connection with the blog and whatever is going on. Miyu is also having a weird dream lately too, maybe seeing the future?

So Yuto, earlier was looking up information on the professor. But it turns out that the case is sort of going cold and brushed under the rug due to the massive body count in the lake. But later, after him being seemingly normal the whole episode, he still searches for the lock for the key. That is when the professor’s son shows up chasing after Yuto. The episode ends with him asking Yuto about his blog.


Overall Thoughts:

This episode really felt like there was something missing. I am not really sure. I mean yes the mystery is starting to still develop. But there are not answers to any of it still. The characters are all starting to form more, which is good. There is a large cast and well, even this episode not all of them appeared.

There were several conversations, but the first one with Yuto really seemed sort of pointless for how long it was dragged out. It also felt like this with some of another Yuto conversation and some of the Toko and Miyu one, not all. But it felt like some of the information present in all of those could have been lessened. This is mostly for the Yuto conversations than anything.

I mean the episode was still alright. It feels like this is what it is going to be, at least until hopefully episode 6. Supposedly this may have 12 episodes. So answering some questions, while still giving more would be a good halfway point. For right now it is understandable, but it is feeling like most of what happened to know could have been cut to probably 2 episodes or 3 and a half episodes since there was repetition in other episodes too.


Overall Score: C+

Overall Enjoyment: 70/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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