The Kansai Competition is finally here. Can Kitauji pull out all the stops and get that much-needed gold? Let’s find out!

Here’s my review!

Honestly I’m not even sure what to write about this ep. The title really says it all as this ep was nothing short of perfection. Honestly when it comes down to it, what Hibike! Euphonium does the best is the music and this ep really shows just how well they do it. Much like how I felt while watching ep 13 of S1, this ep brought back all those feels and then something. There shouldn’t be anything so emotional about watching a bunch of high school kids play music, but the whole atmosphere of it all, what’s on the line and everything that’s gone into this moment really makes it that much more special. They’ve worked so hard over the past while for this moment, the Kansai Competition, the competition that would determine if they’re going to the Nationals or not. And boy did all that hard work pay off.


Overall there really isn’t much happening in this ep as their performance takes up a large chunk of the ep. It’s pretty cool actually as it’s just this long sequence of music and nothing else. No dialogue or anything, just music. That’s the main part of this ep, their performance and I wish I could have a video of it because it’s impossible to properly put into words just how incredible it is. It’s not just a treat to hear, but also to watch too. KyoAni really went all out for this sequence and made each and every little detail come to life and look extremely good. From the glint of light off the instruments, the sweat on the faces of everyone, and the bright lights of the concert hall, everything about this scene is special and it’s not something you can really put into words no matter how hard you try.


I’d also like to briefly mention Asuka once again as she did something slightly uncharacteristic of her in this ep. She’s usually someone who keeps to herself, but before they go out on stage she stands up and says a few words. Usually she lets Haruka do the talking as she’s the actual president, but for once Asuka stood up and said something. As with everyone else in that room, Asuka wants to win. She won’t settle for just making it to the Kansai Competition, she wants to go all the way to the Nationals and in turn win. While everyone else is thinking that too, hearing it from Asuka give is another meaning given her kind of personality. So with that added boost of confidence from her, Kitauji takes the stage soon after and amazes the crowd with their performance.

As for their results? Well I’m sure we all knew they were going to win, but even so you’re left in suspense as the schools are called out one by one. When it’s finally Kitauji’s turn you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the announcement for gold. Of course they get gold. What’s more is that they’re one of the three schools chosen to go to the Nationals. It’s a moment overflowing with emotion for everyone (myself included) as this is what they worked so hard for. Everything paid off and they punched their ticket to the Nationals. But if getting to this point was challenging enough, how much more so will it be to perform, and win, on the biggest stage in the whole country? Only time will tell.

And the next piece begins.


Short review this week as there wasn’t much that happened overall, and because trying to describe how good the music is isn’t something I can really do. If you’ve watched the ep then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So that’s it for this review, I know I said I might be delayed this week but turns out I had Wednesday off so I decided to whip this up and get is posted so I don’t have to worry about it while I’m on vacation. As always let me know your thoughts on this ep by leaving a comment below or hitting me up on Twitter.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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