At the time this review goes up the fourth episode is out and I find it odd that it is not known how many episodes this will have, I mean not all shows have their episode count known by now but most do. I could see it having twelve episodes and I would not be surprised if it turns into a two cour show. Either way I do not have much to say other than that, so let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Last time it was made clear that Miyu’s friend went missing. During that night she was walking home and well, a rather strange face on a child appeared before her.


Jumping ahead a few days, and at this point it has been a week since the Professor was murdered. The Otaku Detective, Shun meets with a woman in the park. This is the dojin artist, Ririkia, that drew an eerie similar dojin to the murder scene. The two talk for a bit, and although Ririkia has no knowledge of most of the murder scene information, she apparently draws all her art from what she sees in her dreams. Thus Shun believes she has the ability of foresight.

Back at the bar, restaurant, café, or whatever you call the place Yuta’s group hangs out at. Ryo-tas is her typical cheery self. Although she is starting to think that Yuta was really affected by the curse. She gets a call and her mood quickly changes, perhaps there is more to her, like everyone else, than meets the eye.


Back to Shun this time he talks to the Professor’s son, Sarai. He is not too happy his father was into the occult.


So, now it is a bit of backstory time, Ria Minase, who we find out is actually the Black Magic girl, Aria Kurenaino, has had a rough childhood to say the least. Her parents died, she was bullied, and possible had worse done to her by the teachers. She loves her brother and cares for him greatly. She sees him as her hope to help get through the day. One day she becomes ill, and her brother quits his job to take care of her. It was the happiest year of her life. Of course walking home one day the cops come to her house and try to take her brother away on a stretcher. He happens to be dead, and it has been for a year now. But she fails to see reality at first before her sense of reality breaks and she sees her dead brother.

The book editor goes over more information about this peculiar case. One, how the fact that her brother died after a liver transplant. He was dead for a few days before Ria, at 14 snuck into a morgue, stole a body, and pushing it 20 km (as the crow flies, so much more than 20 km), and this is all while she was recovering from her liver transplant.  She also apparently still lives in that house while she does her job giving curses to people.

Anyway, Miyu goes to her friend’s house, only to find out the cops are there and her friend has gone missing. So, she is worried.


Yuta finally appears and is pretty paranoid. He thinks that cops are after him in questioning for the murder. He tries any and every type of key hole he can find. When he is at his peak, he sees a devil and collapses.

The following day he wakes up, only to have that mysterious keychain to tell him to turn the news on. Over 50 bodies were found in the Inokashira Park, with hundreds more suspected. Thus the episode ends, where the first episode began.


Overall Thoughts:

Where to begin with this. I mean the mystery element is there. I am honestly finding it hard to talk about this show because of this. With the fact that there are so many I find it hard to talk about the characters too. In fact, most things I would focus on in a review I cannot because of how this show is set up. But I am up to this challenge.

Although her appearance was brief this episode, Ryo-tas, really had me questioning more about her. In episode one she sorts of appeared and wanted to follow Yuta around. This episode she did that switch from her cheery self to a serious tone. Perhaps how she normally acts is fake. Clearly it could be important later on, who knows.

The episodes have gotten better since the first. I do like the direction and with how they been the last few, it is the main reason why I think this could be two cour. If not, well I am going to guess it will cover just one novel. Since there are only two to date. Either way I do not know how much they covered. It is MAGES. so they this certainly does not give a rushed feeling like I remember from the other shows based on their work.

Pacing is certainly important in mysteries. Sometimes the mystery is a single episode. But this is a series that revolves around just one, at least for now. I do not often watch mysteries, but there are some good and some bad that I have seen. The rate this show is going, is fine. My only problem is how last episode they mentioned Aria’s backstory, although briefly, it still was a much condensed version to what we found out this episode. It just felt like the first one was unnecessary if they went and explained all details this episode. That was my only problem with this episode. But it worked better for this information in this episode compared to episode two, so I will let that problem be.

Either way this episode was enjoyable, and since I cannot, and have a bit of struggle analyzing this mystery show compared to others, I am getting rid of the Overall Score and just focusing on personal enjoyment until the series review.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Originally I thought I would do bi-weekly reviews, instead I am keeping this weekly for as long as I can. It does not get in the way of my other shows I am reviewing and unlike the other reviews I wrote on here, I am pretty into it right now. Hopefully in the upcoming weeks I can start reviewing day of again. So thank you for this understanding.

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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