So, due to my misfortune of waiting a week to watch the shows, episode 1 and 2 were pulled from the internet around the time I was going to watch episode 2. Well, it is back, which means I am back. I do find it odd and it was still not made clear why this and the first episode were pulled. Either way you will not get than answer here. But who knows maybe you noticed something in the episode. Either way let’s get on with it.

The Plot:

Well, episode 1 ended with Yuta finding a dead body.

So, going back a few days Miyu is on her fortune-telling show. Well, needless to say although she does seem to successfully see the future of her caller, there is not stopping internet trolls. He pretty much says that she is a liar and he is going to die in the year after he asked her too look ten years into his future.

Back to Yuta finding the body. Well, one of the investigators goes over all the information that was gathered at the scene. He also has a bizarre feel to him and that he may have supernatural ties to him in some way. Anyway, while he was explaining all this, we find out Yuta got some weird keychain to tell him what to do, needless to say he did not want to be framed for the Professor’s death and was told to rip out a tooth of the Professor. Of course this tooth was actually a key.

Other information was that a dojin seemed to reenact the death of the Professor and the Professor’s dying message was Code.

Back a few days, Miyu predicted the Professor’s death when talking to his son. Who was also being mean and trying to prove she is a fake. Everyone just leave her alone already she did nothing wrong.

Anyway, apparently, now that a few days passed since the murder, Yuta has not appeared. This is partially thought to be because of the fact that they might have cursed him when visiting the Black Magic girl.

Then the guy from earlier, Shun meets with the book agent on the idea and theory they have on this girl, Ria Minase. They are looking into her since she lived with her brother who was already dead for over a year.


The episode ends with Miyu saying goodbye to one of her friends only to shortly receive a strange text from that very friend shortly later.

Overall Thoughts:

Well, back on episode one, for starters I still hardly remember it, I did have trouble taking in all the information. It felt like the show was just jumping all over the place. I was glad this episode was not like that and seemed a lot slower compared to the first episode. It worked out well and gave a better understanding of what is going on.

This series is clearly a mystery at this point. Although it is known that there are plenty of supernatural elements in play, when they all connect is a different story. I see some possibilities, but not a lot just yet.

Pacing as I said was much better and thus I enjoyed it more. It still feels like there may be too many characters right now and they are all trying to get their time to shine before much is known about them. Some that seemed important and took up the main role in the first episode seemed to be missing or lacking in an appearance this episode. I do not mind that fully, but it was a little weird how most of the episode the main character was missing.

This may be a show that turns out better to watch in bulk than once a week. It is hard to say. At the same time, it is too soon to say on a lot. Unlike the other shows I reviewed here on Anime Corps, this one gives me a better feeling than what I have reviewed so far.

I am never big on mystery, but this one has the right amount of supernatural elements that have me questioning what exactly is going on, and that is not a bad thing.

Overall Score: B

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Crunchyroll and Daisuki stream this series in North America.

Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe