The quest for the Nationals still has some rough patches to get through first.

Here’s my review.

I should’ve written this on Wednesday as I had that day off and was able to watch the new ep then, but I was way too lazy and spent it playing games instead. Here we are now on Saturday with a lot of shows waiting to be watched but I can’t get to them because I’ve got this review to get through first. Ugh, time management is still a work in progress for me. Anyways let’s take a look at this ep.

So just quickly looking over ep 3 once again, as between Wednesday and now I’ve forgotten most of it, it’s just a lot of conversations mainly. Boring as that sounds they’re quite interesting as we learn more about the whole Nozomi back story from Asuka along with new information about Taki-sensei too. We also got to see Reina undressing. Yum.



After waiting a week we finally get to see the sit down between Kumiko and Asuka, something that went a lot better than I was expecting. Asuka is a tough one to read so going into this I wasn’t sure if she’d say much about the situation, but as things would turn out she had a lot to say. After giving Kumiko a disclaimer saying the truth will hurt her, Asuka begins to explain why Nozomi can’t return to the band. Nozomi and Mizore (the oboist) do not get along, so much so that Mizore feels sick at the sight of Nozomi as we saw briefly in ep 1. With the Nationals at stake here, and Mizore being the only oboist in the band, Asuka knows that bringing Nozomi back at this stage of the game will completely ruin any chance they have of going all the way. Now that Kumiko knows the truth, Asuka leaves it up to her whether or not she’ll report back to Nozomi with this news. It’s a bad spot Asuka leaves her in, but it’s one Kumiko asked to be in. The truth can hurt and now Kumiko has to struggle with telling Nozomi what she’s learned or lie to her and say Asuka said nothing. What would you do?

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Speaking of Mizore actually, we get a scene in the opening bit of this ep where Masahiro lets her know that while her solo is good and all, it’s lacking any emotion. He likens her to a robot, both can read the music off the sheet perfectly, but both lacking any emotion or feeling when they’re playing. It’s some brutal honesty as while Mizore claims she feels something while playing, Masahiro wants her to express that more while playing. His focus moves away from Mizore and to Reina where he says she’s like a student from one of the best schools, that’s how good she is. From there he asks the band as a whole what kind of music they’re trying to make. It’s a question he left for them to think over and hopefully arrive at a conclusion by the time this training camp is over.

The new info about Taki-sensei was another important piece of this ep. Taking a look back to last week, Reina broke down a bit when she saw Taki-sensei and Niiyama-sensei flirting a bit and she was a wreck for the rest of the ep. Turns out Taki-sensei was just being nice to her as Niiyama-sensei is actually a married woman. Reina still has a shot now, although her true love is and will always be Kumiko. Anyways, we learn that Taki-sensei was actually married at one point but his wife sadly passed away. This obviously was hard on him and because of her passing he distanced himself from music but he would come back to music as he became the adviser at Kitauji. Once again Kumiko is put in an awkward position of learning new information like this and not sure whether or not to relay this to anyone else. What wold Reina think of this if she knew? Kumiko doesn’t want to put her friend through any unneeded stress so for now she decides to keep this intel to herself.

Kumiko continues to lose more sleep as her late night outings happen once more. This time she’s off talking with Ribbon-chan, aka Yuuko. From the whole Nozomi issue to whether or not competitions should exist, the two chat late into the night about these topics before arriving at the point where Yuuko says that while competitions have their downsides, at the end of the day if they’re going to play in a competition then they may as well aim for gold and let the best players play. So far Kumiko has gotten a few different answers regarding competitions, so upon returning to her room and finding Reina awake and wondering about her absence, she poses the question to her as well. In classic Reina fashion she likes competitions because you don’t get many chances to play for such a big audience so if you’ve got that opportunity then you may as well get really good and play your heart out for that moment.

We end the ep with Asuka once again, this time out early in the morning practicing by herself outside. It’s an amazing scene to look at as KyoAni really makes it come to life with the early morning sun and how the light filters through the trees. It’s a treat to look at and I love moments like these where they really show just how good they are even with the small things.


As for Kumiko, well she’s learned a lot in this ep but it’s what she’ll do with all this new information that should be interesting to see. What will she say to Nozomi about returning to the band? Will she ever tell Reina about Taki’s past? We can only wait and see what will happen as they move ever closer to playing in the Nationals. But for now, the next piece begins.


Really quickly whipped this up so sorry for it’s sub-par to what I usual write. Honestly I wish I had dealt with this on Wednesday but man I was so lazy then. Suddenly having a day off kinda ruined the whole flow and not being used to writing reviews during the week just added to that. But at the end of the day I’ve written it so now I can stop fretting about it.

As always thanks for reading this, if you’ve got anything to say regarding this ep then hit up the comments below or send me a tweet. Either way I’ll reply in a timely manner.

That’s all for this post, I’ll see you back here next week!


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