Two years ago today, I posted my first ever post on this blog. Unlike the weekly posts I release now, it was a justification on why I should be writing editorials, what my opinions were, and how they were different from the norm. Now that I look back at my first couple of posts and comparing them to what I’ve released this year as a more active member on this blog, it’s kind of funny for me. I remember every post I wrote, what I was going through at the time, and scrolling through some posts I don’t even want to acknowledge them because of the negativity I have associated with them. Part of me has a hard time believing I’ve only published 44 posts on this blog as of today. Even though I’ve been around for two years, it wasn’t until this year that I started to get more active and start my weekly editorials. Today, let’s take a look back at my time on this blog and what my time here has been like.

After my very first introduction post for myself, the first editorial I ever wrote was one on the undying argument of Subs vs Dubs. The points were choppy and didn’t really flow together with it feeling more like a declaration of my opinion than an opening to an idea or topic. Overall, I’m glad I had a start point and I’m glad that overall I was displeased with how it came out. I mean, people told me they liked it and when I said I wasn’t happy with what I released they usually tried to support me by saying it was good, but overall it was something that bothered me for a really long time. So long, in fact, that my next editorial wouldn’t be posted for another year. I was rather displeased with what I released when it came to flavour posts. Even my GUMI birthday post that came out in the year between my first and second editorial was one I was pretty heavily displeased with. However, one much bigger thing happened in my time between my first and second editorial.

In that one year on October 29th, I released my second novel, Necromancer’s Curse. With that, and with me being so pleased with the final product, I started getting a feeling the standard I now have for all of my work. Firstly, I didn’t want to release anything I wasn’t proud of at least on some level. If I couldn’t look at what was sitting there with my name on it and smile thinking ultimately that I did a good job, I didn’t want it to exist in the first place. Of course, not everything I’ve released on this blog have been the best of what I have to offer, and I can always think of the few handful that I’m not 100% pleased with, but ever since I came back and started writing editorials again, I can say that each and every one I’m at least be happy with the topic I presented and how I approached it. If I ever miss a week that’s always either because I couldn’t come up with a topic or the topic I decided on and started writing about didn’t live up to the standards I have for my own work.

In a way, that’s what this blog has done for me. Not that long ago I was the guy who watched popular YouTubers and how they talked about the passion they had for their work and that they were always trying to find ways to improve their craft while not drastically changing to the point where they’d lose their audience. With editorials I’ve slowly been writing longer and longer posts, going from under 1000 words to now regularly over 2000, adding images to posts without having them become irrelevant and detour from the topic, crediting the artist I take from for every featured image, all of these subconscious decisions that I sometimes worry about how it will effect how much I engage the audience I have. My biggest goal ever since I came back from a year of posting no editorials was to get people to think. I was given a platform to discuss what I think is important and no one can chime in.

From topics like the legality of some types of cartoon porn, to the use of fanservice as a plot element in shows, to why I think pirates are justified in some cases, and even to stating blatant unpopular opinions because I believe something can be said that hasn’t been yet. While I said a few days ago that reviews are infinitely easier to write than editorials, I love writing editorials so much more. I get to talk about what I want to talk about and get people to at least acknowledge an opinion that exists and to me that’s amazing. Throughout my last year of high school as I was starting the initial comeback of my posts, writing them all on my phone and sending them to Joe over Google Docs, I without a doubt put 1000% more effort into these short opinion pieces than I did in the school work that defined my future. I care almost too much about my work here. Even if I seem secluded off on my little corner and until last month didn’t even know who was still considered a writer for the blog, I care so much about everything that I put my name on for everyone who reads this blog. I want every single thing I release on here to be constantly improving; for us to talk about something we love and to open up our minds to what this medium and it’s community mean to us and why we’re different than just a bunch of adults who watch cartoons from Asia.

While I’ve been writing here, my life has also gone through drastic changes. Between the time I posted my introduction post and my first legitimate editorial I published my first ever fiction novel, The Ripple Effect, and got to watch as people would mention me on Twitter and tell me so many fantastic things about what I wrote and how it effected them and nothing can replace those moments. Around the time I stopped posting Gakkou Gurashi reviews I was scammed by a tech scammer through my own admitted incompetence and lost my computer at the time until I recently got it unlocked by a family member. Shortly after that the girl I was undoubtedly in love with broke up with me and eventually cut all ties with me. It’s strange to think about, looking at these blog posts and think about the major life events that happened to me. Every comment, every person who follows me on Twitter, every view, every like, they all mean a lot to me. I see this blog as a place where I’ve been able to grow some of my work and where I’ve been able to see excellent and diverse opinions of others on matters I care about a lot. I love it here. I honestly cannot imagine my life without a spot to write for the audience of typically around twenty people who read a vast majority of my posts. As cheesy as it sounds, I cannot imagine my life without this blog.

In a sort of last minute idea I got as I started to wrap up this post, I decided to ask my “senpais” who have been writing here longer than me and Nick if they wanted to say anything to commemorate the occasion, and while Deven respectively declined, Nick and Andrew decided to say something, so I put their messages below.


From your first post 2 years ago to this post right now, I can say that I really am happy to have you writing for this blog. I know I don’t read every single one of your posts, I really try to though don’t get me wrong, but I like your way of writing and the topics you choose to talk about. When I started this blog, I had only reviews in mind and while I’ve stayed true to that (as tiring as it is) I think the addition of editorials was a great idea to the blog and I feel that you have proved to be the right person for this position. They’ve brought both a nice change to the usual content and also lots of great discussions as well which is something I felt was lacking slightly. I look forward to seeing what you’ll write about each week and if you miss a week for one reason or another there definitely is a feeling like something is lacking from the blog. All in all I’m glad you agreed to write here and express your opinions and views as the blog could always use something more than just reviews all the time. Thank you for your contribution over these past 2 years and I look forward to working with you more in the future to come.


Two years? Has it really been that long already, although come to think of it it’s been over two years since I started writing for Anime Corps too; how time flies I suppose. Unlike me however, two years of Tsuyuki writing has been two years of content, rather than the all over the place schedule I claim to work to. Tsuyuki’s content is noteworthy for more than just this though, as it has added more than a little variety in format style to site; breaking away from the typical episodic review format in favour of full series reviews with greater depth and perspective in addition to moving away from reviewing to cover other anime related topics in thought provoking editorials.

So here’s to two years of you Tsuyuki, may you continue to provide well thought out and well written content for years to come.

I love it here, and I love that I’ve been writing here for two whole years. I cannot wait to see what the future holds in store. Thank you to Nick for allowing me the opportunity to write here and thank you to everyone who has been so kind and welcoming to me since I started writing here. As always, I’ll see you all next week!


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The featured image for this post was drawn by pixiv artist vignybaby.