One word: swimsuits.

Here’s my review!

Okay well the swimsuits were only a small part of this ep and honestly they were amazing, but they were overshadowed by the continuing drama that plagues the band. Let’s take a look at where things stand now.

It’s summertime and the weather is hot. Band practice is going well and the training camp will be starting in a few days. But first there is a small break for the students, a time to kick back and relax and go to the pool. The first little bit of the ep is where the swimsuits are featured and man is it a good scene. Not much to really say here, so I’ll just post some gifs and pics. Enjoy!

Absolutely stunning Source link
Absolutely stunning
Source link

So now that you’ve enjoyed the swimsuits, let’s get back to talking about this ep. Kumiko notices Nozomi is also at the pool and decides to go talk with her a bit about Asuka and how she’s not letting her rejoin the band. We get some good back story here (like not the ass type but actual story stuff) about Nozomi and how she ended up quitting the band last year. After getting into a heated argument with some of the third years, Nozomi ended up quitting the band because she couldn’t play in that kind of environment. During the flashback we see her talking with Asuka moments after Nozomi handed in her resignation and in classic Asuka fashion she speaks her mind and let’s Nozomi know this decision is stupid. Of course Asuka means well in saying this, referring to how Nozomi just needs to ignore the third years for one more year as they’ll be gone after, she’s just not one to really beat around the bush too much.

Through their discussion Kumiko feels the need to help Nozomi out, especially since trying to figure out what’s going on in Asuka’s mind isn’t going to get you far. So, she says she’ll talk to Asuka and see if she can find out something behind her not letting Nozomi rejoin the band. While Nozomi says it’s not something she should worry herself about, Kumiko can’t let this go and wants to do something to help Nozomi, especially after hearing more about what happened a year ago. While we don’t get to the point where Kumiko and Asuka have a talk about this, I’m sure it’ll be something interesting to see, given how Asuka can be. That’s going to be something to look forward to next week.

The second part of the ep is about the training camp as the band prepares for their next challenge. Taki-sensei enlists yet another person to help instruct, this time a very cute young woman by the name of Satomi Niiyama. Among my favorite moments from this ep is when Reina sees Taki and Niiyama flirting a bit, something that completely ruins Reina for the rest of the ep. If you remember back to S1, Reina confessed she has a crush on Taki-sensei, something that we’re seeing a lot more of this season, so every time another woman is around Taki-sensei we can see that jealous side of Reina flare up a bit. By far this was the most significant occurrence of Reina’s jealously being shown, but at least she was able to calm down a bit by the end of the day. Kumiko decides not to talk to Reina during this moment as she’s not sure what to say as anything could send her off the deep end.

RIP hopes and dreams
RIP hopes and dreams

We close out the ep with Kumiko having two more conversations with people, Natsuki and Mizore Yoroizuka, the band’s oboist. Her chat with Natsuki is about Nozomi once again and Natsuki passes along Nozomi’s thanks for going that extra mile to offer to talk to Asuka about the situation, but at the same time she really doesn’t want to cause any trouble for Kumiko. Kumiko would still go on to talk with Asuka about it though, seeing how she can’t let this drama get everyone out of focus.

Kumiko’s conversation with Mizore was a decent one. Mizore makes it clear her stand on music competitions and how they always and in sadness for one side, but Kumiko counters with the sound point that competitions will always end in sadness for someone because what’s being judged is the music, not the feelings of the person playing it. It doesn’t matter if they poured their heart out in the piece, if they did poorly then they’ll get a bad score. That’s how it is and will always be, regardless of how you might feel about it.

We end with Kumiko and Reina having a brief conversation in bed (separate beds, sadly) about Taki-sensei once again. It’s impossible to know what he’s thinking about Niiyama unless he’s asked, something that does lighten Reina’s mood but still her competition for the teacher is a tough one. She should stick to being in love with Kumiko instead, much easier.


While the swimsuits were the highlights of the ep, the story is still what’s driving this show and pushing it forward to the next piece. Kumiko has the tough challenge of confronting Asuka next week in regards to Nozomi, a conversation that will be good to watch given how Asuka is. As for the rest of the band, well they’re got a couple more days at the training camp, so they need to put in the time and make every second count. If they really do want to go to the Nationals and have a shot at winning, the training they do now will help them later on down the road.


But until they reach that final stage, the next piece begins.

Good ep this week, always a good ep when swimsuits are involved. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ep, so leave a comment down below or send me a tweet. I’ll be sure to reply in a timely fashion.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you right back here next week!


Links for all those gifs can be found here.

Bonus Pics!

The moment we all want to see happen. Pixiv Link
The moment we all want to see happen.
Pixiv Link
Even without glasses she's still amazing. Pixiv Link
Even without glasses she’s still amazing.
Pixiv Link

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