Honestly I have two problems. One, I could not even think of a title for this episode review. Second there was a lot but not a lot happening. This episode was very fast pace and well, not all the information stuck. They tried introducing all the main nine characters at a super-fast pace and really little overarching plot was developed with the exception of the end. But enough about this rambling. Time to start.

The Plot:

I am only going to cover the main focus of this episode. A lot was going on trying to give a few moments of showing off the characters. But little happened.

Yuta is the owner of a supernatural blog. This is his get rich scheme since if he becomes more well-known, his blog gets hits, and thus he gets paid. He is accompanied by his assistant Ryoka, or Ryo-tas as she calls herself.

A few months back she met him and told him straight up she will be his minion, and thus follows him around. This was during a time when Yuta was trying to figure out his dad’s old radio. But although they know each other for months Ryo-tas drives Yuta a bit crazy.


While trying to find ways to get more people to visit his blog the television plays as a professor knowledgeable in supernatural speaks.


Throughout the episode, while that show is playing. His son meets a woman who says something about demons. An editor talks to her editor and chief how he just went to pick up the professor’s manuscript and they could have sworn his mother was dead, thus speculating maybe a ghost gave them the manuscript.

Back to Yuta the television changes in the shop he is in. A television superstar appears and she reads fortunes. Ryo-tas says that this girl, Miyu goes to their school. Believing that this could lead to the blog getting more hits Yuta wishes to go meet her for an interview.


While this is going on a girl, Aria, she deals with black magic and someone asks her to curse somebody. Upon leaving her place and talking to a “devil” she finds a scalp of hair in her mailbox.


Now at school Yuta is having second thoughts on asking Miyu. But upon opening the door Miyu was waiting for him and wishes to speak to him.

After a brief conversation, Miyu agrees to help with the blog. I honestly forgot what else she said, but she knew of the blog and wanted to be a part of it.


Anyway, the three split up. Miyu and Ryo-tas decide to go see this black magic agent. While Yuta is forced to go see the professor. But upon getting to the professor’s place, the professor is dead. Yuta freaks out and the episode ends.

Overall Thoughts:

Honestly this episode was a little too fast for me. It felt like I needed to slow down the speed to actually understand what was going on. For most of it, it was just better to focus only on Yuta’s story. I personally did not like the direction this show was jumping from person to person. I understand it wanted us to get to know each character, but the characters that were introduced only had a brief moment.

Easiest way of explaining this episode is that watching it is equivalent to my ADHD.

It is hard to say if I like this show, or just really anything about it. The first episode was confusing due to the fact it jumped everywhere. Personally I hope the next episode does not do this. If so this will be a trend. Personally I hope not since it makes me hardly able to take in and understand what is happening and hard to write about when it comes to review.

Now, that is about it for my problem with the story telling in this episode. It certainly feels like this could be a good series. But it is too soon to say.

Also it felt like the quality of art and the speed of the show was a lot better in preview for it. It seemed slower pass and more well drawn. I am not sure if that was just me or what.

This episode has me mixed, that much is certain. I will give it a few episodes. I assume it only jumped everywhere due to trying to show off all the characters. When they finally all meet maybe it will slow down, who knows. There are nine, and well, they needed to show off them.

This series is by the people who made Stiens;Gate, Robotics;Notes, and Chaos;Head. So, here is hoping the passing in episode two is at least not as fast. I do not mind if it jumps from character to character. I am also hoping I don’t drop this review either. A lot to come, hopefully it does well like the more successful predecessors than the one that suffered from shoving too much in too little time, Chaos;Head in other words.


Overall Score: C (It was an introductory ep)

Enjoyment: 80/100 ?

Crunchyroll and Daisuki stream this series in North America.

Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.


Review Plans:

I figured I would touch on this since in the preview post I was uncertain if I will cover it bi-weekly. If the show keeps up this fast pace I will cover it bi-weekly and just on my thoughts of the two episodes. If it does not, I will do my best to keep it weekly. It is not like last season where two shows I was reviewing came out on the same day, I have leeway with this one. But if I am enjoying it, and do not want to do it weekly, then it to will become bi-weekly. I will say more in the episode 2 review at the beginning.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe