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Hello, hello and welcome back to another preview post! As with the changing of the weather comes the changing of anime. A new season is upon us, the fall 2016 season! So here we are once again, the whole Anime Corps team, to talk about which anime we’ll be reviewing for the next few months. Let’s have a look!

Nick’s pick

Hibike! Euphonium 2


It was only a matter of time before it would be announced, but KyoAni decided to go ahead and make another season to one of my favorite anime of theirs, Hibike! Euphonium (Sound! Euphonium). I had such a great time reviewing season 1 of this back during the spring of 2015 and I’m happy to say that I’m back to review the second season as well. Going into this I’m pretty excited as from the PV alone we’ve got a lot of new characters and it looks like we’ll finally be getting more back story about Asuka. I remember mentioning multiple times that she was easily the most underrated character of S1 and how she needed to be fleshed out some more. So far it looks like that will be happening. And who could forget the events of ep 8 and what that sparked in the weeks to come. I’m sure that’ll be a hot topic of the season as KyoAni’s shows always are. Love it or hate it, KyoAni has a reputation of always finding a way to come through and going into this sequel I expect nothing less of them. Oh and one last thing, as I’ll most likely be working through the fall I’ll have new reviews posted on the weekends only. If you’re hoping for same day releases then you’ll have to find another blog to follow for this show. So if you can bear with that, I’d love to see you join me as this journey to the Nationals continues. Let the next piece begin.

Tsuyuki’s pick

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS


Even though this is a spin-off of the original series, I’m looking forward to it quite a lot. WIXOSS quickly beat Madoka Magica as my favorite anime when it aired and I’m excited to see what else J.C.Staff has planned for the series. I’d go into detail on what I expect from this series, but I honestly have no idea. I’ve heard rumors floating around about new aspects of the show and while they all seem interesting, part of me wants to go in with a blank slate as that’s what I did with the original series and the it blew me away. As long as it has the same feel of WIXOSS without feeling like the corpse of WIXOSS being worn by a different show, I’ll be pleased. I look forward to reviewing this for Anime Corps. Maybe this time I’ll actually finish reviewing the entire series. Just maybe.

Joe’s Pick



So, from the company that brought you Steins;Gates, Chaos;Head, and Robotics;Notes, here is their new series. Unlike the other anime, this one is based on a light novel and not a visual novel, also keeps the trend of a different studio producing the anime.

I really liked watching the other shows, back when Robotics;Notes was airing. For awhile now Steins;Gates I was thinking of rewatching. Do you need to see any of those other shows to get this one, no. I am uncertain if there will be subtle throwbacks to those other series, which there were in Robotics;Notes. So, who knows. I honestly have no idea what to think or expect from this series, it looks fun and enjoyable and its predecessors were too so hopefully the trend continues.

I am thinking doing this differently compared to the other series I reviewed here. The first episode will be fine. But after that I will be doing posts every other week covering two episodes. I will probably not focus on the plots as much, more of my in-depth thoughts. This may change, I may just keep it being weekly, I am uncertain. It really just depends since I will be doing three shows this season. I will know more once after the first episode.

Also since I dropped every other series I review here so far, this one should be a keeper by default.

Andrew’s pick

Brave Witches


Strike Witches. For the unfamiliar, an anime set in an alternate 1940’s in which rather than the Nazi party coming to power in Germany and leading the world into the second world war, geometrically shaped aliens, the Neuroi, invade Europe in a suspiciously familiar fashion and force the nations of the world to come together as a coalition and fight for humanities survival with the assistance of weaponised magical school girls. Think along the lines of an anime version of the 1996 film, Independence Day, only more plausible (If we don’t yet have a universal connector for mobile phones, how on earth are we supposed to believe in a connector that allows for the connection of a normal laptop to alien spaceships!?!).

The previous Strike Witches titles have left the characters followed thus far, the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, and the rest of the western allies at the river Rhine. However, in a manner that is probably considered by all outside observers as completely out-of-place in a series as lewd as Strike Witches, real world history must be referenced (at least to an extent that no one else is going to take complaints about it seriously) and thusly the knockout blow for the third reich Neuroi will come from the East. To this end Silver Link presents us with Brave Witches, a spin-off featuring the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, retelling the story of the Soviet push back though Eastern Europe, presumably with less political subjugation and more visible underwear.

Deven’s Pick

Gi(a)rlish Number


It seems to be the cool thing nowadays to do an anime about the interests of people who like anime. We’ve had Shirobako, New Game, and Sore ga Seiyuu just to name a few.

It’s always good to see a little glimpse behind the screen and see the lives of seiyuu and others. I’m personally interested in it. We have a nice cast with some voices I recognize from Fate/Grand Order and some others.

Girlish Number will premiere on October 7th.

Alright so that’s what you can look forward to seeing reviewed here starting in October. What fall anime are you looking forward to watching? Leave a comment with your list and what you’re most hyped for, or let us know on Twitter as well.

Thanks for reading and we look hope you can join us for another season of anime greatness!

-Anime Corps Staff

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