Was that painful week-long wait worth what we got in this ep?

Here’s my review!

Honestly… this ep slightly disappointed me. Maybe I was just hoping for a lot more to happen, but things didn’t play out exactly how I imagined and that got me down a bit. By far this isn’t a bad ep, don’t get me wrong I love every ep, but after all that anticipation and build up… it kinda just didn’t have that impact I was looking forward too. What exactly do I mean by all this, well let’s dive in and take a closer look.

So, we ended the last week with Riko confessing her love to Chika. That’s a big deal because that never happens. But, this week instead of continuing from that late night beach front confession, we start off with Riko leaving for Tokyo. Turns out Riko decided to take the piano route and follow her heart there, leaving the rest of Aqours to perform in the prelims. Uh… but what about the confession? What about the fact Riko straight up told Chika she loves her? I wanted some reaction there and honestly this ep had none of that. Sure we had the focus on You and her realizing Chika likes Riko more, but there was nothing about the confession. Hell, we don’t even know what Chika said to that. That’s pretty much where my disappointment lies, I was hoping for something a bit more in terms of the reaction from the confession but instead we got absolutely nothing.

But like I said, this isn’t a bad ep. There still were great moments in this ep; You finally getting her time to shine, Mari with some funny lines, there was a performance, Riko played the piano, and a lot did happen overall. So while it might have lacked in the impact I was hoping for, this ep still delivered and it’s very good.

Let’s start with You as she’s the focus of this ep. So, as was already brought out Riko decided to head to Tokyo and take part in the piano competition, leaving the rest of Aqours to handle the prelims and hopefully qualify for Love Live. But one thing they didn’t take into consideration right away was that without Riko, their formation would be off. They notice this while cleaning the pool one sunny afternoon and Mari suggests that You take Riko’s place. In all regards this should work, but it doesn’t. Why?

Out of all the girls Mari notices that it’s not just a problem with getting the steps right, there must be something more to them failing to connect and get the dance right. Upon leaning that it was originally Chika and You who were the first two to submit a request to start a school idol club, Mari decides to take action in her usual Mari fashion. Except she wasn’t expecting You to react the way she did when you boobs were suddenly grabbed from behind by her. You must know a little self-defense or something, because that was quite the take down she preformed.

Following this, we have a nice scene in with Mari and You talk about the problem, namely the fact Chika looks happier with Riko than she does with You. This bothers her greatly as she’s always wanted to do something together with Chika, but never got the chance too. When Chika proposed the idea of them becoming school idols together, it was a dream come true for her. Finally, she could do something with the girl she loves. But then Riko came along and Chika started spending more time with her writing songs, looking under her skirt, jumping in the ocean together, lewdly touching hands, they were having a great time. And to add to this, 7 other girls joined after and suddenly it wasn’t just Chika and You anymore. Mari summed this all up by telling You the best course of action is to tell Chika how she feels about this situation. In other words, confess her true feelings to Chika. Easier said than done.

One of my favorite parts of this ep is when You is imagining different situations in which she confesses to Chika. From the timeless kabe don to dressing up in a walrus costume, You’s fantasies are quite humorous. But as funny as they are, You can’t imagine herself actually confessing her true feelings to Chika, it seems almost an impossible task. But as she’s going through all these fantasies, Riko suddenly calls her. Side note: You wearing glasses was a welcoming sight. You know how much I love cute girls wearing glasses.

Her timing couldn’t be any better as she lets You know a little something about Chika. That being Chika always felt bad about turning down You’s requests to do something together, so now that they have a chance to dance together for this performance Chika wants them to start from scratch and create a dance just for the two of them. This was finally the chance for them to do something together and You wasn’t about to let it slip away. While she didn’t get the chance to confess her true feelings to Chika, she got part of her wish granted as the two would go on to put on a wonderful dance during the prelims.

Speaking of prelims, the performance Aqours put on in this ep was another very good one. But what stands out the most for me is that how they incorporated Riko into it even though she wasn’t present. While in Tokyo taking part in the piano competition Riko had time to send a care package back to the girls that included hair scrunchies. Riko would wear one during her recital  and the rest of the girls wore theirs during the dance, but I just really loved how they kept cutting back to Riko as they danced so it was almost like she was right there with them on stage. While Chika and You dominated this performance Riko also did a fantastic job and in the end I really hope they both come out victorious.

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A couple of points that I also want to bring out are the references to the first two Aqours PVs, Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? and Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM. The part in which they’re in the pool cleaning it then talking about dancing was very reminiscent of the PV as there was a scene of them dancing in the pool after cleaning it. The AQUARIUM reference is well, debatably pretty much the whole ep, but notably when You is wearing the walrus costume.

So looking back at this ep I was disappointed that it didn’t have the immediate reaction from Riko’s confession,  but by the ending I still had a great time watching it. As for any progress on the relationship front, well Chika and You are on better terms but You still hasn’t come out and told Chika how she really feels about her. Whether or not that’ll actually happen remains to be seen, but I think this ep kinda packaged that whole issue up so I don’t expect to see them spend any more time on it. Like I brought out in the previous review, Love Live has never been about going in-depth on the yuri, so this confession and romantic feeling between these girls will most likely not be a driving factor moving forward.

Looking ahead there only are 2 eps left so it’s do or die in their efforts to reach Love Live. Aqours put on a great performance so I’d like to think they’ll qualify, but we’ll just have to wait until next week to find out!

That’s gonna bring this week’s review to a close. A bit on the long side this time and a day late, sorry about that. I’d love to hear what you thought of this week’s ep so let me know in the comments below or you can send me a tweet as well. I’ll be sure to reply in a timely fashion.


As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next Saturday as we close in on the finale.


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