So, before I begin I would like to make the announcement that I will be stopping my weekly reviews of Taboo Tattoo. I am doing three this season, two of them air the same day. Since I now watch shows a week after the episode airs for personal enjoyment, this one started to get a lot farther behind. Due to this, as well as my current job search and others searches, I decided to stop doing weekly reviews. Unlike Luck & Logic, which I reviewed in the winter, I still plan on watching this show and I will get a series review done on it.  So without further ado let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, the end of episode 4 had Izzy’s friend Lisa get abducted. This episode is titled Rescue, so obviously they go to rescue her, kicking up their attack where they left off last time.

tattoo 5 5

Izzy fights Lurker. But this is only shown for a few seconds as Izzy dodges the attacks while other soldiers get killed.

tattoo 5 2

But Schrodinger’s Cat goes on a killing spree. Then Seigi shows up. They fight.

tattoo 5 3

The fights just go back and forth cutting from Seigi and his beat down to Izzy beating down Lurker. Ultimately for Izzy’s fight, she gains the upper hand, where Lurker uses the tattoo canceler. Only to then have Lisa escape and both Izzy and her beat Lurker.

While that happens. Seigi fights Schrodinger and nearly dies. Toko even gets into the fight. Ultimately the Princess shows up and works on conquering both routes. Although the cat one has been conquered for some time. Anyway they escape telling Seigi to learn more about the tattoos.

So the last half of the ep deals with Izzy being told by Colonel Sanders that she needs to take care of Seigi. Toko getting into a table tennis fight with the princess, which the princess won and is now conquering Toko’s route. Izzy and Tom having to move in with Seigi since their house got destroyed.

I swear the princess’ lines about size was stolen from High School DXD.

Ultimately the episode ends after credits where a mysterious man attacks Seigi before they both disappear.

tattoo 5 18

Overall Thoughts

I really did not like how Seigi’s fight ended. I never like it when a fight gets a lot of build up only to end comedic. I was glad that Izzy’s fight was second so we got the action packed final. But this episode suffers again with the same problem as episode 3 which makes episode 4 also suffer from the same problem episode 2 had.  This show could have potential to be good, but the pacing is just ruining it. This is another reason why I am stopping the reviews since it feels like I will be talking about this time and time again.

The first half was the majority of the episode and everything else was the last five or so minutes. Don’t get me wrong the action was good. The princess got a little more screen time and well she makes herself more mysterious than psycho. She brings up valid points that Seigi does not know why he is fighting to protect. Everything else just felt like it did not fit. It felt like I was watching a whole different episode. They started in the morning, went to the afternoon, then went to another day. It felt like that half jumped around too much.

There was also the fact that really you do not know who the good guys are or bad guys are. So Seigi is the middle ground. Both sides seemingly want to control the world to bring peace.

Still this show really has action sort of going for it. It is alright, but I still feel like it could do a lot better. Will it, I have a feeling it won’t.


Overall Enjoyment: 70/100

As I said I will hopefully be doing a series review. Until then feel free to leave your thoughts on the series so far.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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