After a frustrating ep last week, Love Live Sunshine bounces back with a solid ep as the girls travel to Tokyo.

Here’s my review!

As advertised, Aqours traveled to Japan’s capital city Tokyo as they were invited to preform at school idol event in the city. It’s a big deal honestly, considering their video they shot in the last ep boosted their ranking into the top 100. That’s extremely impressive when you take into account there are 5000 school idol groups in the country, so being number 99 is something worth being hyped about.

Before we get to that though there are some moments worth looking at. Returning to the subject of the 3rd years, we have a scene where Dia pays Mari a visit, seemingly something Mari was waiting for. While last week we learned the 3rd years tried and failed to be school idols, this week we get a little more about that. In typical Mari fashion, she down plays the seriousness of the topic Dia is there to discuss, something that people seem to either love or hate about her. Dia is worried about what will happen if Aqours fail during this event and how it might haunt them long afterwards. This is what happened with the Dia, Mari and Kanan group, they failed and it haunted them for a long while, 2 years to be exact.

Dia feels that Aqours will end up like they did 2 years ago, brimming with energy and passion then falling flat when it really mattered and never being able to move on. Mari views them quite the opposite, seeing them as a chance of redemption and a chance to do something they failed to back then. I love how much confidence Mari places in these girls, really testing them to see if they’re serious about being school idols and not just doing it for the hell of it. If they really want to save the school or even just make it through a single performance, they’ll need to really give it their all and make this moment in Tokyo really count. Chika and company don’t know just how much is riding on their shoulders or the story of the 3rd years, so they’re still enjoying each moment and not having a very serious outlook on what it is they’re about to do. I’ll touch on this later as 2 girls really drive this point home that Love Live isn’t something you take lightly.

The rest of the first half is the girl preparing to leave for Tokyo then their adventures once they arrive. Being from the country, making a good first impression when their arrive in the big city is very important, so Chika decides to dress up for this occasion but it’s not exactly fitting. Ruby, Hanamaru and Yohane also took their choice of clothing too far, although Yohane ended up scaling back her final outfit and getting rid of the face paint. You actually had a really cool outfit going there, I liked what she picked out for this journey. Very cool indeed.

Of course we can’t have an ep without Aqours mention the idols they look up to, so this week Muse made an appearance via merchandise at a store. I was talking with a few guys on Twitter last week about whether or not a Muse member would make an appearance too, but that wasn’t the case. It’s not something to completely rule out though as the girls are in Tokyo for a little while still to perform at this event, so maybe we’ll have one of the Muse girls show up briefly. Personally I think they would be pretty cool, seeing one of the girls older and grown up but it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though.

So I mentioned above about how 2 girls would really bring the competition to the forefront and this is worth talking about for a few moments. Chika and company decide to visit a shrine to pray for success in tomorrow’s event and while they’re there they meet 2 girls singing. It’s also worth noting this shrine is the very one Nozomi worked at in the original Love Live. The stairs that Muse trained on are also featured too. Anyways, these 2 girls they run into at the shrine are also school idols and ones who don’t look like the type who are taking part in this event just for the fun of it either.

We see them later in this ep at the end, but honestly my first impression of them was: they’re like the next generation of A-RISE. While they’re not from UTX they’ve still got a very serious and mature feel to them, not so much sexy like A-RISE was, but more of the don’t-get-in-our-way-or-we’ll-destroy-you vibe. They’ll face off in next week’s ep, but as of right now I don’t think Aqours realize just how fierce the competition really is for school idols. Dia might have a point feeling that they’re not mentally prepared for what awaits them out there in the competitive world, but at the same time Mari’s confidence in them has so far been well placed.

Lastly another important stop Chika wants to make is at the famous Otonokizaka High School, home of the best school idol group ever, Muse. While it’s an exciting concept, Riko isn’t too thrilled about the idea. Remember, Riko used to attend Otonokizaka, so going back there brings up memories of her time and it’s just not something she likes dwelling on. Riko played piano in middle school and we all remember how that competition went for her, not too well. Enter Otonokizaka, a school known for its music but Riko feels she can’t live up to the high expectations place in front of her. Granted we do see a flashback of her playing the piano in the music room, possibly the very piano Maki played years earlier. If those big expectations were to be like Maki… well then it’s pretty obvious why she felt the way she did. Either way, Otonokizaka holds a lot of memories for Riko, good and not so good ones, but it’s not a place she hates rather it’s just one she feels is better off not visiting at the moment.

We end with a cliffhanger really, Aqours are back stage getting ready for their performance and they run into the 2 girls from earlier. Now out of their school uniforms and into their outfits for the performance, the girls of Snow Saint look much more intimidating than before. Now more than ever they give off an A-RISE vibe, one of confidence, grace and maturity. These girls are seasoned school idols who know how to put on a good performance, and next week we’ll see just that. I just hope the girls of Aqours are ready, both mentally and physically, to give it their all as well. Ep 8 has set the stage for something big and I really hope they deliver in full.

That’s a wrap for this week’s ep, good bounce back from last week’s. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this ep too, so feel free to leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter with your thoughts about it.

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So that’s going to being this to a close now. As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you right back here next Saturday!


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