Well, another week another new episode, kind of obvious. Either way, that said I really do not have much to say. I mean as I said in a previous review for this series I read the source. Well it looks like where I read to might be towards the end of next episode or at most episode 6. Either way nearing in uncharted territory it could be interesting. So, with that said let’s go and focus on this episode.

The Plot:

Well, Seigi is chasing after this guy. He easily catches up and beats the guy rather quickly.

Meanwhile the lovely Lisa Lovelock is chilling with her crew. So besides feeling like they are Americans since she asks who wants coffee instead of tea, which makes sense.  They get attacked by the Schrodiger’s Cat. She phases through a wall and cuts through a majority of the nameless members that get generic American names before they die.

While this is happening, school events are going on. Namely the girls being in gym and doing sports things. Toko jumps pretty far, and Izzy realizes the tattoo on her forehead activates. Izzy then gets a call about Lisa’s team being attacked. She goes and springs into action. Upon having her tattoo activate Seigi finds out and chases after her.

Back to Lisa she is still fighting. Her tattoo looks like it activates with lipstick and it can blow stuff up with fire.

tattoo 4 8

Izzy ahead of him gets stopped by a tattoo canceler. The man from last time is there waiting. He could have shot her, but he chooses not to.

tattoo 4 9

Once more back to Lisa, who gets injured. She realizes that the Cat’s power deals with obscuring her presence. This allows her to phase through walls and possess people. However, the cat simply responds that she is sort of right and wrong.

tattoo 4 10

Anyway Seigi catches up only to go for Lisa and once more gets his butt kicked. He also saw the dead bodies which freaked him out. Tom told him to go back to school. Which Toko was waiting for him.

Laster, after learning that the enemy’s plan is to take Lisa to the kingdom that day, Izzy wants to quickly form a plan and team to get her back.

tattoo 4 15

She ambushes Seigi to force him not to come. Tom mentions that if the enemy was to get Void Maker it would be giving the key to solve the mysteries of that tattoos to the enemy. But Seigi, being with his record, he wins against Tom’s lack of combat ability and goes after Izzy with Toko. Izzy at the shipyard goes on the attack with her men to save Lisa as the episode ends.

Overall Thoughts

Not really sure where to begin. For starters this episode was not big on combat. Even the moments that were not like previous ones. Something felt a little different in just how the fights played out. Sure it was not ones that lasted long nor really had importance, so that could be why.

This episode was alright. Unlike last time where it felt just weird in general, this one did not. I just hope next time does not turn into what happened last week were the first half is a fight and the second is not.

This one was good on the story telling in comparison. It did allow for build up into next week’s episode at the end. But it felt a part of what happened in the beginning, unlike last week’s episode.

It was an alright episode, but it certainly did better in both action, build up, and a few other things compared to last time.


Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode or series as a whole.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe