Well, with the feature image the princess finally showed her true colors this episode. She does want to conquer everything, and well, it does not matter the gender that is for sure. Although minor it will appear more later, and with her other interests as well. But enough about that minor detail and let’s get started.

The Plot:

Well, last episode the gang was ambushed by the evil kingdom’s tattoo squad. So now we get the actual fight.

In a brief flashback, or whatever that was with Touko in the girl’s memories when their heads were together. We learn that the body snatcher girl is a street rat, and well the princess takes her in, in more ways than one. Well, back to the outer world of not memories. Seigi is fighting and thus the ideas of his justice and the body snatcher’s justice come to play.

Then it switches to Izzy, who is fighting that one guy. She is a little angry, since her outfit was ruined and a few other things. She grabs chalk from one of the classrooms to activate her ability to flee.

tattoo 3 4

Back to the fight with Seigi, well, he gets beaten pretty easily. Lucky for him Tom’s power separates the body snatcher and Touko. Then in a rage Seigi uses his Void Maker to nearly kill the girl. She flees just as Izzy returns.

Later Seigi goes through some training. Your physical powers are enchased with the tattoo. Izzy explains if the world’s fastest person were to get a tattoo, they would be faster and still the fastest tattoo user. So, with this learned Seigi goes for a jog.

tattoo 3 13

During the jog, well, they run into a stray cat and here are the pictures, since it was too funny not to include.

While they are training, Izzy meets with a fellow soldier and friend, Lisa Lovelock. Only she is forced to play dress up. But after that they exchange ideas and know that they will need to work together.

The episode ends with the villains from earlier saying their new target is Lisa.

tattoo 3 22

Overall Thoughts

This episode’s fight was good. It was nothing compared to the fights in episode one, which was unfortunate. But it was a building up fight. It was not going to be something super spectacular since these enemies will return. What would be the point in beating them in one episode?

Other than that there really felt like not much happened due to the fight taking up most of the episode. Last episode was setting up this one and it sort of felt unsatisfied. Not only that but the second half of this episode was just setting up for the next one. Hopefully this does not happen again since it really felt weird and out-of-place, like they could have done something different last time in order to get the fight done that episode and start something new this one. But oh well.

Overall Enjoyment: 70/100

As always feel free to say your thoughts on the episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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