Sorry for this review coming late, a lot of things have happened.

Anyways, here’s my review!

In the second outing of New Game we’re covering chapters 4, 5, 7 and 10. As strange as it sounds that chapter 10 is covered in this ep and not later, it actually works extremely well in terms of character development. Anyways, let’s get into this ep a bit more.

As mentioned before, Aoba wanted to be a character designed because of the work Kou did on Fairies Story. We get a nice little flashback to start off the ep where a younger Aoba is playing the first Fairies Story game and we see just how much this game mean to her. Jump back to present day and here she is actually getting the chance to work on the third installment of this series. It’s a dream come true for Aoba and she wishes to cherish each and every moment working on this game. This part is taken from the very beginning of chapter 11, something I didn’t realize until I was looking through the manga again.

The first little bit of the ep is re-introducing us to the characters and what their roles at Eagle Jump are via flow chart. Even though she’s not officially introduced until volume 2, having director Hazuki around is a nice touch too. From here we jump straight into chapter 10 material which involves Aoba and Hifumi bonding a bit more during lunch break. They cover this chapter pretty much panel for panel and seeing it all animated is so cool. If you’ve got a dual screen setup, have the manga open on one screen and the ep playing on the other and you can really see they stayed true to the source material.


As mentioned chapter 10 starts with Hajime and Yun going to lunch but Aoba and Hifumi stay behind as Aoba has work to still do and Hifumi has already eaten her lunch at home. Turns out Hifumi likes spending time with Sojiro. Who is Sojiro? Aoba thinks this must be her boyfriend as Hifumi is pretty embarrassed saying it aloud, but Sojiro turns out to be her pet hedgehog. I didn’t realize one could have a hedgehog as a pet given how spiky they are, but apparently you can have one.

Anyhow as this conversation moves on, Aoba notices a picture of Hifumi holding Sojiro and smiling, something we haven’t really seen her do much of. By now it should be obvious that Hifumi is pretty timid around people so she doesn’t really smile too often. Aoba wishes to help her smile more, but it’s not exactly working out. Only when Aoba begins eating a riceball given to her by Kou does Hifumi begin to smile as watching Aoba eat reminds her of Sojiro.

Later that day Hifumi arrives back home to see her Sojiro waiting for her, but when she asks him if he likes her smile, Sojiro isn’t too forthcoming and return to his burrow, ruining Hifumi’s cheery mood. Aoba is shocked to hear the next day that Hifumi and Sojiro had a fight and are now not talking. Don’t worry Hifumi, I’m sure he’ll warm up to you again.

The back half of the ep consists of chapters 4 and 5 of the manga. Chapter 4 is when Aoba finally begins her work as a character designer by making 3D models for some NPCs in Fairies Story 3. As it is now the world is very empty, so Kou wants to start her with this. Chapter 4 actually covers some more things including a bit where Aoba and Rin talk on the train ride home, but instead of including that they transition right into chapter 5 which is the welcoming party that the character team has for Aoba. It’s a bit late but they still wanted to have a party for her.

Even though it’s a drinking party, Aoba is only 18 and too young to drink so she’s enjoying her juice and watching as the rest of the gang get hammered. Yun is the first to get drunk and pass out, I guess she can’t handle her liquor that well. Hazuki makes another small appearance here to check in with how things are going and what Aoba thinks of her first week with Eagle Jump. We also find out that Hazuki has some stealth eating skills and she’s able to eat most of the meat during her short stay without anyone noticing.

After an evening of drinking it’s finally time to call it quits, at least for that restaurant. Kou wants to continue on so she’s able to get and now conscious Rin and Aoba to attend the after party with her where she get even more drinks. Aoba, now being officially over anything alcoholic, orders an orange blossom thinking it must be some kinda of juice. Turns out an orange blossom is actually a cocktail drink and of course that means it’s alcoholic.

We end the ep with the beginning of chapter 7 where we meet Aoba’s friend Nene Sakura who is a university student (who can pass as a middle schooler) and the two talk briefly on the phone and during their conversation Aoba accidentally let’s slip that she’s working on Fairies Story 3, something she’s obviously not supposed to say. Oh Aoba, still making some newbie mistakes.

So that about wraps it up for this week’s ep. Sorry for the meh review, I’ve gotten a job so I can’t write the reviews for this on Tuesday like I normally do. As of now I’m thinking about dropping reviews for Qualidea Code to review this instead, but that would mean reviews would pretty much always be a week late. I’m still thinking of something but hopefully the next review will be out sooner. We’ll see.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on this ep in the comments below, I’d love to know how you’re enjoying this anime so far.

[Doki] New Game! - 02 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [109CA62D].mkv_snapshot_23.49_[2016.07.17_15.12.06]

Alright then that’s all for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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