Week 3 of Love Live Sunshine sees our girls take the stage for the first time and make their school idol debut! But it wouldn’t be without some trials along the way.

Here’s my review!

First up let’s talk about Mari as she did exactly what I wanted her to do, have a spectacular entrance and make her presence known to everyone. Right from the start as Chika, You and Riko are out during their early morning practice, Mari makes her entrance via helicopter. How’s that for first thing in the morning? From there on I knew Mari would be awesome and man did she deliver.

What’s interesting this time around is that Mari is the school’s director (headmaster/principal) and is actually really behind the idea of having school idols. As for how she became the school’s director, well let’s just say Mari is a lot more up front about being rich and after her family made an extremely generous contribution to the school they made Mari director. I guess money can accomplish anything.

Another point about Mari that I found interesting was her relationship with Dia. I figured they’d know each other but Dia wasn’t exactly overjoyed with seeing Mari return after being away for 2 years. Mari seems to have missed Dia though, making sure to get her hands all over the girl to make up for their time apart. Ah Mari, you’re so like Nozomi. It’s also worth noting that Mari mentions she didn’t want Dia getting in the way of the 3 girls becoming school idols, so that makes me think there must be a reason for this. Did Dia, Mari and possibly Kanan try to start an idol group a few years ago but it failed? It’s looking more and more like that could be the case, but until we get some answers all we’ve got are out theories. If you have any ideas on this let me know in the comments below!

Mari is so set on having school idols that she’s gone as far as booking the Akiba Dome for their first concert…. actually no she didn’t. Mari’s sense of humor was a nice touch as well making her not an exact Nozomi clone but while she still have similar qualities that Nozomi had (including her love of grabbing boobs) Mari felt very different. It’s another point I like about Love Live Sunshine, it’s not the same as the original Love Live as everyone still seems to think it is. Each ep makes it clearer and clearer that they’re not going down the same path as Muse did, rather they’re forging their own. Back to Mari though, instead of booking a massive venue, she’s booked the school gym for their first performance, although there are strings attached. If they don’t fill the gym with people they have to disband. Obviously Mari is testing just how strong their commitment is to this, possibly seeing if they’ll overcome a past challenge Mari, Dia and Kanan faced when they tried to be school idols. Again, that’s just a theory.

The problem arises though when Chika, You and Riko realize that filling the gym is a pretty much impossible task as there aren’t nearly enough people in the school to do that. Did Mari set the bar too high for them? Not at all. If Chika, You and Riko really do want to become school idols then Mari wants to see their resolve in doing so. How will they overcome challenges and continue to push on?

The middle half of the ep features Chika, You and Riko advertising their upcoming concert by handing out flyers at a busy location. It was great to see Yohane make a small appearance here too, dressed up very similar to Nico in ep 1 of the original Love Live. Ruby and Hanamaru also make a small appearance here at a bookstore where we see Ruby’s love of idols in action. We also find out that Hanamaru really does love reading too as she was planning on buying a whole cart of books. When Chika sees them outside she of course offers them the flyer, but Ruby brings out a point none of them had thought of yet: what’s their group name?

Instead of putting a suggestion box in the hallway of the school, they spend time out on the beach thinking up ideas and writing them out in the sand. Finally they stumble across one name that none of them had written, ‘Aqours.’ While my first guess is Mari wrote it, I’m thinking maybe it was Kanan as she’s into diving so it’s not that unlikely for her to swim up, write the name in the sand then swim away. I’m sure that’ll be answered in the coming ups though. With the flyers handed out, a name chosen, and their concert announced on the town’s PA system, it’s time to put on the big show and fill the gym.

Calling back to ep 3 of the original Love Live, we have the first concert scene where the girls make their school idol debut. I liked how they added the line about the skirts being too short, referencing Umi when she asked that very same question. I also liked how they did the whole putting their hands in the middle and having a cheer before going out onto the stage. They were both nice touches that added to the point about them being inspired by Muse and wanting to shine like them too. All in all the whole lead up to the preformance really had some feels in it as you can’t help but think of the humble beginnings Muse started from with Honoka, Kotori and Umi getting ready for their first performance.

When the curtain finally raises I expected to see an empty gym, but not this time. I counted 14 people (correct me if I’m wrong) but that’s way more than Honoka, Kotori and Umi had when they stepped on stage for the first time. Nevertheless the girl press on, sing their song and dance away, only to be stopped half way by a power outage. The stormy weather has made this already disappointing debut worse. The part when Chika tries to continue singing even though there’s no music was just heart breaking. I got kind of emotional watching her struggle to not break down and start crying while she kept singing, it was sad to see them work so hard only to be stopped mid performance.

An unlikely hero came to their rescue though as Dia brought out a couple of portable generators to help bring the concert back to life. And here I thought she was so against this idea. And so the show continues and the girls finish their amazing performance, really good song I must say. They also filled the gym as well, living their spirits and helping them perform to the very end. After it’s over they reference Muse once again by saying that school idols would become more widespread and their influence would reach far and wide, making dreams come true for everyone. While Dia thinks they still can’t achieve this goal, Chika isn’t deterred by this and wants to press on and shine like the school idols they’re inspired by.

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Another great ep this week and I enjoyed it so much. Now that the first concert is over, Aqours looks to be expanding as next week Hanamaru and Ruby seem to be the center of attention. I hope Yohane and Kanan get some more screen time too, they haven’t said much so far, plus Yohane is so awesome and I really want to see more of her as do many others.

So that’s all I have to say about this week’s ep, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you right back here next Saturday!


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