There are always benefits to reading the manga or source before an anime. At least planning on reviewing an anime. It can give you an idea of what you will like and if you will hold on. At the same time reading what you think is just enough can still lead to some surprises along the way.  More on that later and let’s get started.


The Plot:

As the title of this review suggests, this episode sets up the plot for the series. First episode was all about the main character and him gaining his power. So, what happened between this episode and last.

Well, Seigi wakes up and Izzy gives him a sort of ultimatum. She states that she is from the US government and are searching for the tattoos. Although she explains later in the episode that she is also about trying to keep peace between the US and the Kingdom. The Kingdom has more knowledge on these tattoos and they are equal to weapons of mass destruction. So Izzy says that Seigi can either join them willingly or they will have to remove his arm at the very least to take that tattoo back.

So, than school the next day. They do the 21 Jump Street sort of thing. Izzy goes to class. As it was said before and shortly later, she is older than Tom, her partner. The details she says about the tattoos is that some have side effects, hers was a rare one that makes her not age. It also means that she put that tattoo on at an early age since that was when she stopped growing.

Back tracking a bit. With any new girl in the class the guys are obviously showing their hormones. Of course Izzy also makes and shows the fact she knows Seigi, which gets him thrown out the window into a pool. His childhood friend and potential wife candidate is not pleased, which goes into a yuri filled moment, which “I went a little too overboard,” Izzy responded blushing after it stopped. Yeah, there is more yuri moments to come.

tattoo 2 7
Because why not use the same image twice.

On their way home Izzy and Tom talk about their current dealing with Seigi. Tom thinks that Izzy is giving special treatment to Seigi. This is mostly since he would be taken to America and have test run on him due to his power. She denies this and as Tom walks away she holds a picture of someone who looks similar to Seigi, the photo is old. So maybe she is a lot older than I thought. Since she is older than Tom I assumed forties.

So, the following day Seigi goes to Izzy’s place. This is so he can learn more about his power. He could die from it and he would prefer not to. Right now he is only working with them since he wants to protect peace and get stronger.

While this is happening in the Kingdom the princess does a coup ’de ta. Unlike her parents who were doing their best to not go for a straight attack against the US. She is psycho and power hungry and wants to own everything in the world. So she wants the power of the tattoos.

tattoo 2 12

So, back with Seigi his wife candidate gets attacked. A few moments later that wife canidate busts down the door and stabs Tom. Since Izzy is gone, well those two are on their own.

Meanwhile with Izzy she too is attacked by a tattoo user. Who tells her he works for the princess and he and his partner are after the Trigger-less tattoo, aka the one Seigi has. Before the fight starts the episode ends.

tattoo 2 14

Overall Thoughts:

I did not really have a problem with this episode. It was the standard approach. Episode one had the focus on the main character and give them their power. So episode two was obviously have the main plot go in motion.

So, the whole episode was fine. Since there was no fight there was no real amazing camera angles like last time. This time was more humor based when it was not setting the motions to move the plot forward. Again this is fine, since it seems like they have the nice balance of not letting the humor get in the way of a fight. If that humor was not there, well this episode probably would have been a bit boring.

As I stated I did read some of the manga. I do not think that picture was shown that Izzy had. I find that rather interesting. Perhaps she knew his dad or even his grandfather. Her age is unknown so both, more than likely the first was a possibility. She does want to look after him and it is more mother like than romance like. She may look like a kid but she is older and more mature than Tom. So there will be no romance between Izzy and Segi, at least I assume. It is nice seeing this mystery, since most anime tend to stay away from it.

Over the years in US media it seems like there is more of a mystery element. With anime the truth gets answered rather quickly. It is something like this that I hope they don’t answer for some time. I hope it may also have story impact too when it comes to Izzy. Who knows, I could be completely wrong.

Either way this episode was alright. But it gets brownie points for giving a little mystery.


Overall Enjoyment: 70/100

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As always feel free to say your thoughts on the episode do you think this will be something that interests you or give it a few episodes?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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