Is Qualidea Code the original anime that we’ve all been waiting for? Time to find out.

Here’s my review!

As far as first eps go, Qualidea Code more or less follows the usual pattern of introducing us to the characters and setting up the story. Speaking of story, it’s nothing we haven’t seen done before. Weird aliens show up one day and attack Earth, lots of destruction, a lone child is there right in the middle of it all, we jump to years later and that child is now some edgy teen who’s part of some military unit of students with powers that fight this threat on the regular basis. It’s nothing new nor is it presented in a new way, but after 1 ep it’s not completely terrible. I mean sure it’s not perfect but I stuck with it and feel like watching a few more before making the final call. Considering it’s made it this far, that’s a victory in itself.

Honestly the main guy, Ichiya Suzaku, is a real hot-shot, ever so slightly chuuni, guy who thinks he’s all the world needs to keep it safe. He’s obsessed with rankings and looks down on anyone below him or without powers. He’s just not the ideal hero and how he conducts himself gives off an almost anti-hero vibe. He’s just there to make the most kills and let everyone know he’s the best and they’re not.

So I mentioned battles and this threat that’s present. I called them aliens but maybe Noise is a better description because from the moment the Unknown are shown, I thought this was maybe some Symphogear spinoff because they look like something straight out of that show. Anyways there are different groups at play here, Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa. These three cities lead the fight against the Unknown but as we see in ep 1 there is real competition between them to see who gets the higher ranking. Ichiya is the head of the Tokyo group and currently Rank 4 (behind #1 Maihime Tenkawa, #2 Asuha Chigusa and #3 Hotaru Rindo) meaning he looks down on pretty much everyone, except adults. To him everyone should get out of his way and let him save the world because he thinks he’s the best person for the job.

There are really two main events that happen in ep 1, the introduction to each city head during a tri-city meeting, then a battle to close things off. The meeting isn’t shown aside from us being introduced to each city head, so the battle is pretty much what takes up the majority of the ep. During this battle we see the competition between the cities and the students for who gets the better rankings. Friendly fire isn’t out of the question as Chiba city head Asuha Chigusa suggests to Kanagawa city head Maihime Tenkawa that the only to win this battle is to beat everyone else to the knock out punch. And while this works, she also destroys part of the base in the process. Yeah not good at all.

So after all is said and done, what’s really accomplished? Well sure they defeated the Unknown for the day, destroyed part of the base in the process, and are still arguing with each other at the end of it all. I guess it’s a win but the collateral damage kinda makes it not the cleanest win out there. Maybe in future eps they’ll start working together like a team and fight the Unknown on a more united front. Only time can tell though.

Looking back to the question I raised at the outset, “Is Qualidea Code the original anime that we’ve all been waiting for?” I think we’ll have to wait and see where things go from here, but if I were to make an early call I’d have to say probably not. I mean unless this show takes a turn for greatness, it’s going to be pretty predictable as far as plot goes. I did like the art and music though, those were good.

So that’s pretty much what I thought of this ep, I might have missed a few points but that either because I didn’t feel they were too necessary to talk about or I’m still in an emotionally drained state after watching ReZero ep 15. Probably the latter. Let me know your thoughts on ep 1 in the comments below!

That’s all for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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