Here we are in week 2 of Love Live Sunshine and man I’m really into this show now.

Here’s my review!

There is actually a lot to talk about in this week’s ep from shocking reveals, to more questions that need answering, Love Live Sunshine is really showing that it’s not just a copy paste of the original show. Let’s take a closer look.

Riko was the star of this week’s ep as Chika and You try once again to recruit her into becoming a school idol with them. We start with a flashback to a very KimiUso like moment where Riko can’t play during a piano recital even though she’s very passionate about playing the piano. As to why exactly she couldn’t play isn’t mentioned aside from not being able to improve even though she’ been trying really hard, but we’re only at ep 2 so I’m sure we’ll learn much more as things progress.

While Riko agrees on helping Chika and You write the music for them, she still hasn’t fully agreed to become a school idol with them, well not yest at least. Through inspirational words from Chika, Riko agrees to become a school idol and if it helps her change and overcome her personal struggles then she can go back to playing the piano. Of course Riko won’t stop being a school idol once she’s started and realizes how much fun it is, but that’s for another ep to discuss.

Once again we’re left wondering where Muse and Aqours takes place in the flow of time. We learn this week that Riko was a first year at Otonokizaka High, but if she was around at the time of Yukiho and Alisa then she would’ve heard about Muse at some point. So it’s looking like Riko attended Otonokizaka after they left. But still, Otonokizaka will forever be known as the home of Muse and even if there weren’t anymore school idols there, I find it hard to believe there wouldn’t be a picture of them somewhere prominent around the school. Either way you look at it, Riko attending Otonokizaka and not knowing about Muse is hard to accept. I really hope they come out and explain this one because I know a lot of people are wondering about this too and so far we’ve got nothing to answer our questions.

Sticking with Riko for a little bit more, Chika and You introduce her to Kanan, the resident scuba diving girl one Sunday afternoon as they help Riko to discover the song of the ocean. This was a nice moment seeing Riko diving with Chika and You, but also seeing Kanan once again was good too. Plus Riko wearing her hair in a bun was very good to see. I also liked the scene where Riko comes over to Chika’s house to help write lyrics, it reminded me a lot of when Umi and Kotori came over to Honoka’s place to do the very same thing. And of course probably my favorite scene in the ep was Riko playing Yume no Tobira on her piano. That hit me right in the feels. Such a great moment.

Aside from the Riko story in this ep, the truth about Dia was finally revealed… to everyone in the school. Turns out that Dia knows about Muse, hell she knows way more than I initially thought. We find out that Dia is a huge Muse fan and when Chika shows cracks in her knowledge of Muse, Dia is quick to go all out and remind her just how great the Muse girls are. But in the process Chika accidentally bumps the PA mic and broadcasts Dia’s love for Muse across the school. Yeah that’ll have some fallout in the coming eps. As much as Dia tries to be the next Eli, she actually reminded me a lot of Nico during this moment. When Nico was first introduced she was all over Honoka for not knowing much about school idols and prematurely trying to become one, Dia did pretty much the same to Chika.

But this also raises the question: for someone who’s so obsessed with Muse why won’t Dia let them form a school idol group? I’m still holding fast to what I said last week about maybe Dia feels pressure to leave such a silly hobby behind and focus on something else in life, but deep down she can never let her love for school idols go. I can’t remember who said it, but I saw it on Twitter that maybe Dia already tried to create an idol group and it failed, so she doesn’t want to go down the path again. Very Nico-like but it’s not something to rule out just yet. Either way I’m curious to see how this will all play out in the coming eps.

Also, we know that Ruby is a huge idol fan as well, but she seems to be scared to express this love because of her sister’s strong outward dislike for them. So far the sisters haven’t appeared in a scene together, but I’m guessing there will be some confrontation between Ruby and Dia about school idols and becoming one.

Speaking of Ruby, we check in briefly with the other girls in the ep too; Hanamaru and Ruby having a small part, Yohane also having a brief scene and of course Kanan had her moment too. The only person who wasn’t even present in this week’s ep is Mari. So far Mari is the most elusive girl in this show as she’s only had 1 line and been around for a few seconds. I’m hoping she’ll make some spectacular entrance when she’s officially introduced next week.

All in all though after 2 eps I’m feeling like this isn’t an exact cut and paste of the original show. The characters have such a different feel to them and instead of being motivated by their school closing (which apparently is still happening according to the summary) so far they’re motivated by their love for Muse and wanting to be like them. I love how they reference Muse but don’t go overboard and try too hard in referencing them at every possible chance. Dia was a great example of this as while she definitely has lots of knowledge about Muse, she didn’t start going into unnecessary detail about them. Muse still has a presence in this show, but they’re not always being talked about and made to be the center of attention. We’re following a new group of girls here on their journey, that’s the focus of this show and that’s what I want to see as things progress. That was my main worry going into Love Live Sunshine, it being too much like the original, but so far it’s managing to be different. I just hope they can continue doing so.

All in all this week’s ep was another excellent ep as we learn more about Riko, find out Dia’s love for Muse, and see Chika giving Riko the inspiration to do something new. We also saw the ED for the first time and yes it’s very good. Next week it looks like Mari will finally be showing up as the girls take their first step into the world of school idols!


That’s all I’ve got to say about this week, let me know your thoughts about ep 2 in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you right back here next Saturday!


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