New Season, new series to review. It’s me, Joe, main editor here. Due to the fact this is the first ep, I will take a different approach than usual episode reviews and go lighter on the plot for those that are curious and have not seen it. Other than that, and me trying not to think of any sort of kungfu movie and or song reference, let’s get started.


The Plot:

Anyway main character Seigi fights off some guys to save a homeless man. That homeless man decides to give him something. A strange rock that he puts on Seigi’s hand leaves an odd tattoo. The old man leaves and the tattoo is unable to be removed.

The next day running late. Well, let me stop there. They used the toast in mouth cliché and not as a joke. Either way I am so inserting that tweet.

Anyway besides him getting knocked on his butt, he makes it to school and stuff. This you learn the important, although hardly touched on, part in the episode. A kingdom and US are about to go to war. Since America is basically a shonen and Japan is now their buds, if America goes to war than Japan will back them up. Also there are rumors of tattoo like weapons from the US now in the Japan underground.

After school, childhood friend, and wife candidate for the main character, Toko go shopping for supper. Then the girl who Seigi ran into earlier steals his phone. His real name is Justice apparent.

Anyway those two fight, he gets his butt kicked and learns about the tattoos.

Then he gets his butt kicked again by his grandfather.

tattoo 1 17

Then after a few days it nearly happens again. This is after the girl, Izzy, stalks him and tries to learn more about him. This is also when that potential but kicker shows up to fight him, he is a mafia member who went to Japan to get one of the Tattoo weapons. Of course it gives the strong man super strength.

So Seigi’s power finally activates. It is void maker and of course being over powered it does not require anything to awaken the power. He wins and saves himself then end of episode.

tattoo 1 21

Overall Thoughts:

For starters, those camera angles. That had to of been the coolest part of the episode. It just worked so well in the fights. It flowed well and the moves looked like they hurt a lot more. It was not like in DBZ were the punches on both side are seen. Seriously amazing job on those parts. The fights are important so it is cool to see it be like that. It makes it so much more entertaining.

As for the episode itself, it felt lacking in some things. Granted I hardly read some of the manga, just ten or so chapters. But even then it is not that it felt rushed, but I am not sure. It certainly gave the first episode feel. Perhaps it was the clichés. Between overpowered main character and the minor toast scene. It does feel like that was done without meaning to come off as cliché. I am glad that for as far as I read, Seigi hardly uses his power so it is more kungfu fighting on his part.

But there was a minor parts of the episode that gave away that there will be a lot to come. So, hopefully it stays that way.

Still enjoyable either way.

Personal Enjoyment: 85/100

Series is streamed by Crunchyroll.

As always feel free to say your thoughts on the episode do you think this will be something that interests you or give it a few episodes?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe