It’s finally here! The anime adaptation for New Game! Did ep 1 deliver the hype I was expecting it to?

Here’s my review!

This is a first for me. I’ve never had the chance to read a manga from the start then have that manga be adapted into an anime. I know it sounds like nothing big, but to me I think it’s pretty cool. I’m so used to just jumping straight into an anime without knowing anything about the source material but this time I know everything about the source material so I can give some more insight into the anime now than I would normally do. Alright then, so with that out-of-the-way let’s jump into ep 1 and see how it all went.

Right off the bat New Game! looks like it’ll stay faithful to the manga, well at least ep 1 did. Granted there were a few extra things thrown in here and there but that’s to flesh it out a bit. As far as what chapters it covered, ep 1 goes through the first 3 chapters of volume 1. I’ll include some comparison pics from the manga too.

As far as story goes New Game! follows recently graduated Aoba Suzukaze as she steps foot into the working world by getting a job at Eagle Jump, a game studio that made one of her favorite games in the past. The first ep like always is an introductory one where we meet the characters and get to know some of the story too. All in all New Game! is a slice of life show so there isn’t a super heavy plot to it, unless they plan on adding something in the anime. But if you’re just looking to watch something chill and fun, New Game! is one to check out for sure as I can say with confidence that it’s one series.

After reading this manga for so long it’s cool now seeing each characters animated and voiced too. I’m very pleased with the choices they made in terms of the cast, they fit the characters so well and I can’t read the manga without hearing their voices now. The first character aside from Aoba we meet it Rin Tooyama (Art Director), and the moment you hear Rin speaking you know it’s Ai Kayano. Ah I love her so much. This show wouldn’t be complete without Ai Kayano voicing someone and she fits the role of Rin very nicely.

Kou Yagami (Lead Character Design) is the next character we meet and she’s who Aoba always admired growing up. After all Kou was in charge of the character designs in Fairies Stories, the game Aoba loved back in the day, so finally getting the chance to meet the person she’s looked up to is a real treat for her. Yoko Hikasa fits Kou’s character really well too, granted I haven’t seen too many shows in which she’s had a role, but works perfectly for Kou. Kou makes a good first impression too, as we first see her sleeping in a shirt and panties under her desk.

Other characters we meet in ep 1 are Aoba’s office neighbors, Hajime Shinoda (motion team), Yun Iijima (character team), and Hifumi Takimoto (character team). Although it’s much harder than Aoba thought it would be. Hajime is busy swinging prop lightsabers around, Yun is deep in the zone completely focused on her work and Hifiumi is an extremely shy girl who has trouble speaking, so she just uses the company chat room instead. I really liked this part in the manga where Aoba and Hifumi talk via chat room even though they sit literally 6 feet away from each other. As the story progresses we’ll see Hifumi come out of her shell and start conversing normally, but for now she’s too shy to really go along with the rest of the group.

One part that was added to ep 1 that wasn’t in the first 3 chapters was the introduction of Umiko Ahagon (Programmer) and Shizuku Hazuki (Director). In the manga we first meet Umiko in volume 2 chapter 15 where we learn she has a large collection of airsoft guns. As for Hazuki we meet her also in volume 2 but in chapter 25, during a company party. Her character seems is a bit different in the anime then in the manga, she seems more laid back and carefree, but maybe that’ll change as things progress. Oh and Hazuki is voiced by a favorite of mine Eri Kitamura.

The back half of the ep sticks pretty much exactly to how chapter 3 plays out. Aoba finds out that when she leaves to use the washroom, she needs a staff card to get back into the office, something she doesn’t have yet. With the help of Hajime, Kou is able to take Aoba’s pic for the staff card. In the end though Aoba forgets her card and ends up locked out of the office again, Kou coming to her rescue once more. Newbie mistakes.

Aoba’s first day at Eagle Jump is pretty hectic for her so Yun suggests they take a break and enjoy some tea and snacks. It’s funny that Yun is totally prepared for moments like this, having a full tea set and snacks hidden in away in a few drawers. Wanting to get to know Hifumi some more Aoba also invites her to the impromptu tea party via chat room. But as fun as breaks are, Kou lets them know that the sooner they finish work for the day, the sooner they can go home.

We end the ep with Aoba learning that the very game she’ll be making is the third game in the Fairies Stories series, the very game that made her want to take up character design as a career. So not only does Aoba get to work with the very people who made one of her favorite games, but she gets to help make the next game in the series. It’s an extremely big thing for Aoba and she knows that she’ll have to work hard to make this game just as amazing as the others in the series.

So that’s it for ep 1, it was a very solid manga to anime adaptation and if they keep this up it’ll be just as great as the manga is. Once again if you haven’t read the manga yet it’s worth picking up as obviously not everything in the anime covers the original material, plus it’s just as cute and fun too. So to answer the question at the outset if New Game! ep 1 lived up to the hype, yes it certainly did. It captured the same feeling that the manga has and really made it so much more enjoyable too. New Game! looks to be one of my top favorites this season and I highly recommend checking this one out as it’s going to be great.

That’s what I thought about ep 1, but I’d love to hear your thoughts about it too so leave a comment down below!

Hopefully Doki will continue their Monday releases of this, even if it is out late for me. I’ll try to get reviews out on Tuesday for this show but if they have some sort of delay than that date will change. The third and final new show I’m reviewing this season won’t start till the weekend, that being Qualidea Code, and you can expect to see those reviews out on Sunday or possibly Monday. As for what’s next, ep 2 of Love Live Sunshine, look forward to that on Saturday.

[Doki] New Game! - 01 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [43C77D3E].mkv_snapshot_23.49_[2016.07.05_16.38.18]

That’s all for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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