For once I am doing a series review on the show I watched this season separate from the final weekly review. Before I begin I will say my weekly reviews may or may not reflect my final score. Where they were all being based on personal enjoyment and that alone, this will cover my overall thoughts of the series and taking to account, writing, pacing, and a few other facts with personal enjoyment being the bare minimum. So, with that said let’s get started.

From studio Asread and same source creator as Future Diary comes the 10-episode series Big Order. Much like the previously mentioned work it has the shounen and psychological feel. However, it steps away and enters into the super powered genre.

The story follows Eiji Hoshimiya, an Order who supposedly destroyed the world ten years prior. With his sister dying, he falls under control to the people who wish to use his abilities for world domination. Once the public discovers his true identity he is forced to work with these people. But it is not fully against his will as they do help him in his search to cure his sister. With plenty of other Orders in his way he will stop at nothing to conquer the world to save his sister.

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The series at times suffers from bad writing and plot holes. This is the much larger issue for the series. Sometimes it works to their advantage and it may be looked over. This is due to the fact that the show can be a bit ridiculous at times. Because of that the entertainment can hide away these factors. (see image) But there are times where that ridiculous dies down and the bad writing and plot holes become rather clear. This was more for when there was no action and they were explaining what was going on or what their plan was. This could be seen early on and in some cases, even if it came in a conversation in another episode, were explained later on to correct them. This could be why Rin does not simply heal Eiji’s imouto or why one character does not use their abilities.

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This idea of being bad writing for entertainment only held for so long. Unfortunately, it caused the ending to suffer as the need to fill those plot holes and explain what can seemingly be unexplainable appears. The ending was more than likely an original one at that. This is only assumed since the manga is ongoing. It could be due to this approach that they were only able to work with a minimum amount of the source and give it an ending with what little they had. The sudden unexplained twist of characterization in the seventh episode makes this clear. Yet it suffers regardless, whether it be in that final fight and all the people seemingly make a dumb move and continue to make that move despite knowing it was useless or in some other moment in the series.

However, this is tricky to judge, when it comes into action the bad writing can seem nonexistent. But when it matters most and the action dies it begins to suffer and un-enjoyable. What started off as a strong for the series made it end rather weak.

As for the art it stays rather consistent throughout. Asread does a decent job with this like it did with Future Dairy able to capture the dark and psychological aspects wonderfully. There is no over glaring issues like with some series. Some draw backs could be, (unless you do not care), the beam of light that covers certain body parts for several scenes and the final episode mostly being in black and white. If these don’t bother you then it comes out fine.

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Music is a rather difficult category to judge. A vast majority of the time I am unable to realize it. But there are cases when I do and it works for the series advantage. Unfortunately, there were no such cases when I picked up on it.

I am a person who believes good characters can make up for a bad plot or just story issues in general. I also believe that bad characters can ruin a story and series as a whole. But the characters her seemed to stay neutral. Eiji seemed more generic and idiotic by the end of the series. He started off pulling the reluctant hero, but by the end that archetype faded and he became a mess and shadow of what could have been. Iyo, was rather enjoyable and in some cases stole the scene and was wonderful to watch, but unfortunately had a less important role come the final few episodes. Most other characters that played an important role did not get much focus and seemed more static and forgetful. order 10 2

   Big Order had potential to be a good series. It had the ability to pull of being entertaining despite its problems. But although entertainment is a major fact of any series, contributing factors make it suffer by the end. Perhaps if it was longer and more of the source an original ending would not have been so bad.  This was not the case.

Overall Score: 50/100

Personal Enjoyment: 65/100

Recommendation: If you enjoyed Future Dairy this may entertain you for some time. If you did not like that series, you probably won’t like it.

The series is available on Crunchyroll.


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