The title was going to be longer. It was going to be “Trying to Make Sense of Something Trying to Make Sense of Something Senseless that in the End was more Senseless.” So yeah.

With that said it is the final episode, which means two things. For starters I am now starting to do my final review of the show differently. I used to have it at the end of the final episode review, but I decided to change that. The series review (which is not fully effect by my enjoyment) will be out sometime in the next week. Other than that the title probably makes a little sense on how I felt about this episode. Time to get started.

The Plot:

So, last time Eiji got stabbed by the Psycho Imouto. There is a brief reminder of the fact I could literally say that 90% of this episode was trying to make sense of the show. Which well, mostly comes down to the conflict of ideals.

order 10 1

Eiji gets rejected by his imouto, which apparently they were, how should I put this, they were doing things siblings shouldn’t do, but Oreimo did it.  I think that is the best way to put it. So, Eiji realizes that his original power was that thing that was on their heads. He wanted to change everyone’s memory so Sena was not the bad guy and they could live happy. Of course the imouto is more annoyed and throws him aside.

He also loses his arm again.

order 10 8

Then Rin shows up. She is all like “You just going to give up that quickly?” I forget exactly what she said. But she asks for forgiveness by stabbing herself in the possessed eye. After punching Eiji a few times the two exchange how they will dominate one another before their wish becomes one. This was to save Sena.

Then the world goes in black in white until the credits role. Really thought something was wrong with my brand new computer.

But anyway, the Group of Ten confront Gennai. Their powers don’t work, and some, namely the leader of the Group of Ten, makes a stupid mistake that you would think he would know about to use the last bit of his power?

order 10 13

Eiji and Rin show and basically end the fight. Eiji then fights his father. More battle of morals. Eiji doesn’t want the wishes to be granted but wants to save the Sena that is here and now. His father loses and dies.

Through the portal to the mental world a giant hand, which they say is god, comes through. This eradicates some of the villains still there. All the Orders are useless to it by the way, but they try to beat it for a good minute.

order 10 18

Then Daisy appears and Eiji wants his power to be fully restored to what they should be and not what they are now. Doing that would have literally saved a lot of problems in this series, but it is the final episode.

order 10 19

Eiji saves the day, the world gets ride of the monotone color. He gets off scott free and is seen as a hero. Orders no longer exists and Sena is healed. The end.

order 10 20

Overall Thoughts:

I was still confused with last week’s episode. But it felt like this episode they were trying to make sense of senselessness which turned into more senselessness. I keep saying this show is a lot more entertaining when it is acting crazy and there are plenty of fights. But the last two decided to throw all that out the window and be more dialogue and battle of ideals than anything. Which did not help it in the slightest.

Because of the fact it was more talk and less fight even when they were fighting, it seemed like it was clear that the final fight was nothing too impressive. It was very weak and pointed out most of the flaws the series had. Seriously it couldn’t distract me long enough with randomness. But despite me wanting to jump ahead a few parts in the episode, I did not. The end certainly fell flat and well it will show exactly how I feel on a different level come the series review.

Overall, the good news was it gave something that could be called an ending, something most anime does not get. I assume it was original more than anything. Regardless it was an alright episode at most. That is being generous too.


So, before I give my final score for enjoyment. Let’s go down memory lane with a slide show of all the moments of these ten episodes.

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Overall Enjoyment: 60 I guess? /100

What where your thoughts on the series as a whole?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe