Spring has just about ended and the next season of anime is almost upon us! While there were some decent shows to watch over the past few months, the summer season is usually a time where some really awesome shows air and this coming season is no exception. The Anime Corps team has assembled once again to give you a preview of what shows you can expect to see reviewed here starting in July. Let’s take a look!

Nick’s picks

Love Live! Sunshine!!

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I never thought I’d get the chance to say it, but Love Live! is returning to Anime Corps! I’m extremely excited to review the latest chapter in the Love Live! franchise as we’re following a whole new group of girls on their journey to become school idols. It’s taken a few months for my hype to really build, but now only weeks away and I’m very excited for it to start. I’ve got pretty high expectations for this show and I really hope it delivers, as do many other Love Live! fans. Honestly it’s really awesome to be here from the very beginning this time so I want to make the most of it and really give it my all when it comes to these reviews. I hope you can join me for these weekly reviews as it’s going to be something extra special! Love Live! Sunshine!! begins its journey July 2nd.

New Game!


I’ve been reading this manga since for over a year now and when I heard it was getting an anime adaptation I knew I had to review it. If you’ve watched and enjoyed Shirobako then New Game! should be something to keep an eye on as it’s very similar. Instead of making anime though, we’re following a game developing company and their newest member Aoba Suzukaze. Overall it’s an extremely cute and fun manga and from the preview it looks like they’ve captured that feeling perfectly. This is also the very first time I’ve started reading a manga and had it be adapted into an anime, so it’s pretty cool. For my reviews I’ll be referring to the manga a lot as I know the source material well, something that I usually don’t do that often. If you want to get a feel of what the anime might be like, I highly recommend reading the manga. All in all New Game! looks to be a top favorite of mine this coming season. New Game! premiers July 4th.

Qualidea Code


Qualidea Code, what exactly is this? It’s an ongoing multi-media project that incorporates light novels, manga and now an anime with 3 well known authors writing the story. Those authors are: Sagara Sou who wrote Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko, Tachibana Koushi who wrote Date A Live and Watari Wataru who wrote Oregairu. It sounds like a very ambitious project so I hope it turns out well because I’ve seen far too many original shows with a decent story fall short because of poor execution or just straight up being bad overall. Anyways, A-1 Pictures is animating the show and the theme songs will be sung by LiSA, ClariS and GARNiDELiA. All in all the staff is quite impressive so I really hope they’ll be put to good use. I’ll give this show the usual 3 ep trial then evaluate it after that, if it needs more eps I’ll give it to 5 but nothing more after that. Will Qualidea Code be the rare original anime that turns out to be something good? Tune in July 10th to find out.

Joe’s Pick

Taboo Tattoo

taboo tattoo visual

So, I am pretty busy this summer season. Mostly for being an editor in the shadows here. But, well, I will keep it a remote secret even though I announced what I am reviewing this summer on my blog. Also between this and my other show that start this summer both are on Tuesdays, nothing I watch is on Tuesdays seemingly ever. Anyway that does not say anything what so ever about the anime now does it? I did read some of the manga, only to stop since one I was reviewing it, and two I still wanted to be in for a surprise. I do like what I seen in the manga, as long as it does not turn into Twin Star Exorcists and be a monthly manga that gets fifty episode I should be fine. At most, which would surprise me if it did, it would be two cour. I think it will be thirteen episodes. Oh speculations. Either way I am looking forward to this one and should be able to get them out on Thursdays, it all depends since my other summer review is on Tuesdays and it depends which I watch first.

Taboo Tattoo is a kungfu super powered sort of show, so if anything like that sounds interesting the first episode comes out July 5th. Kind of wish there was a better PV, but that one will have to do for now.

Deven’s pick

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Drei


Ah the only Fate anime that’s going to be coming this year since Fate/Extra Last Encore isn’t going to be out until next year.
So for those of you that were creeped out by the some of the lack of content and action for most of Fate Kaleid Zwei Herz, you will be pleased to know that, the hype is here for Drei.
For those that don’t know, it’s like if Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel had a kid and that goes through epic fights and it’s glorious.
From here on out is going to be wall to wall action and epic moments and I personally can’t wait.
One more note. With the tragic death of Miyu Matsuki last year, her part as Magical Sapphire as well as her part for Hisui in the eventual Tsukihime remake has been left open.
She was recently replaced by her predecessor as Hisui from the Tsukihime anime, Yumi Kakazu.
May Miyu Matsuki rest in peace and her work be respected.
Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Drei will premiere on July 6th.

Andrew’s pick

Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!


Greetings reader, I, Andrew, return after a hiatus from writing to review studio feel.’s adaptation of the manga; Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!. As is typical for the sort of anime I write about, this series is very much going to be a moe/comedy affair with the story centering around a middle school art club populated by a mixture of archetypal characters who have all been briefly explained in the various synopsis put out for the show; the mischievous ojou-sama, the club president who is always sleeping, the misguided genius, and the straight-man character. These character will presumably be joined by a host of supporting teacher, sibling or classmate characters, and well, for lack of a better prediction, an anime will happen.

Aside from this we don’t really know too much else (except if you are familiar with the source material, which I sadly am not) as the PV available doesn’t show us much. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly put off by this though as for series like this the make or break issues are that of how amusing the comedy are and how well the characters work together; two things that you can only judge by watching the show itself. I would also say that I feel like the series is in good hands, granted feel isn’t Kyoto Animation or SHAFT, but they are the people reasonable for the excellent Minami-ke and more recently series like Dagashi Kashi so provided they don’t skimp on the production values I’m relatively confident that the series will be an enjoyable one to watch.

So that’s what you can expect to see being reviewed here starting in July. Aside from the above mentioned shows, the summer season offers plenty more exciting new anime, so be sure to leave a comment about which anime you’re most excited for.

That’s going to wrap up this post now, we hope to see you back here for anime season with Anime Corps!

Thanks for reading!

-Anime Corps Staff

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