Well, what better way for a show on the next to last episode to be so confusing to the point of frustration. Ignorance is bliss, and well the bliss was starting to fade last episode. I mean it was due to the lack of insane fight and more talk. The talk this episode, well, I will get to it since I doubt I could explain any of it explaining the plot of the episode. So time to get started on this confusing road this show is going.

The Plot:

So, the media of course is covering the event of the end of the last episode where that castle was destroyed. Apparently 1000 people died. Did not seem like there was that many. Either way Eiji was blamed for it.

So where is Eiji, about to make a baby bunny. Kind of surprised how that went. Seriously was I watching an anime? Anyway with half of that seen being light blocking from nowhere, Eiji refuses Iyo’s advances and she frees him. No baby bunny.

order 9 1
I don’t get this.

The group of ten is about to storm the castle so to speak. Some protect the miko’s still. Then they go on the attack now knowing that Eiji’s dad is at the place.

It cuts back to Eiji and his memories were starting to come back to him, but something was trying to make him not remember. Some Avatar surprisingly, which personally by the end of the episode has me question who was doing it, since it seemingly was not answered. Needless to say he remembered. Also Iyo reveals that she was created, so a clone thing I guess, I do not know. Daisy showed up and said something, I don’t remember what.

Then the storming of the castle actually begins and they all rush in. Then it follows the imouto for a bit as she tries to figure out a way to escape. She gets taken away.

Then Eiji’s dad nearly pulls a Sword Art Online only to forget what he was doing originally, but until SAO, actually remembers.

order 9 11

So then a bunch of confusing explanations happen that I am so confused on that I do not know how to explain it. This goes to the end of the episode.

But the miko’s were killed and Sena was revealed to be the true cause for the Great Destruction. Either way next week is the final episode. Also Sena stabs Eiji.


Overall Thoughts:

Well, by the title it is probably obvious.


Seriously the last five or so minutes it made no sense. I mean yes sort of the whole how everything works did make sense, but Eiji’s random spewing that if there are multiple universes then none are real. Also it was due to this parallel universe theory that got me thinking this is a prequel to Future Diary.

But needless to say it is much like last week’s episode where there was not a lot of action. Due to the more talking and explaining nature that my analytical mode goes into full swing, which in turn allows me to enjoy a show less. Throw in the fact this episode was so confusing at the end, makes it probably the least enjoyed episode yet.

Personally I do not care how the final episode ends, I just want it to be insane with no try to explain anything. Can it just be like episode 3-7 and not like the this one and episode 8. Is that much to ask.

But yeah, that is all. Reminder I will be doing a full series review after the next episode. There I can actually be analytical instead of just going of enjoyment.


Overall Enjoyment: 70ish?/100

I guess since it is at the wrapping up point, what are your thoughts on the series?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe