I had that moment where I did not remember last week’s episode, of course now episode 9 came out so I am also surprised with how much these posts got delayed.  First it was the hiatus, then graduation, and then internet problems. Well, at least there is only one week left, not counting the episode 9 review. Either way, I won’t jinx anything further and get started.

The Plot:


order 8 18

Okay, I jumped way too far ahead, let’s start from the beginning. I already forgot due to the hype of that ending. Then again this episode was less psycho compared to previous weeks. Welp, time to look at the pictures for a refresher.

Ok, so the imouto is coming up with a plan to save her Onii-chan after getting caught up to speed that her father is evil and wants to destroy the world. Good thing that was done off-screen. But either way she is still being taken to him.

order 8 1

It then cuts to the Group of Ten, who I still have no idea who half the members are. Anyway, the plan for the villain is sort of revealed or at least discovered. The mikos are dying and apparently are on lay lines. These lay lines form an upside down pentagram. Due to this, a gate could be opened and a second great calamity can occur. Of course Eiji and Sena are major roles and keys for it to work, since it relies on that system explained in episode 7 with turning will into power. I am surprised I remembered all that looking at two pics of Iyo.

Anyway the imouto is then in hotel hell since she can’t use internet or make calls. So while her and Rin eat delicious food. The two plan to try to find a way to get Sena’s father to admit that the calamity was not Eiji’s fault.

order 8 4

Of course her recording all this conversation then played a role in summoning the media to show up at the meeting. Thus with live footage nothing could be tampered with. But this was all part of the plan. The father used his Order to make Sena agree with everything making Eiji the center focus of hate a hundred fold. This hate could be used to power that thing I mentioned earlier.

So while the Group of Ten split up and Iyo’s husbando senses tingle, they are on their way to Sena, who they know Eiji is going for.

Finally, after more than half the episode the main character comes in with that “Super Hero Landing.” He obviously goes on the attack to save the imouto. But that dude who killed that miko a few episodes back does an insane attack. Eiji loses an arm and a leg literally to save the imouto. But the imouto does not want to be saved.

Then Eiji nearly goes super saiyin (been watching a lot of Dragon Ball Z, Abridged, and playing Xenoverse lately, this had to be made.) The fight ends quickly even though the father asks if Eiji will join the dark side. He refuses.

order 8 15

He wakes up in a bunker. Iyo tells him he is ordered to stay there while the Group of Ten save Sena. Eiji wants to refuse, but Iyo has other plans. Time for the baby bunny.

Overall Thoughts:

I think it is safe to say my interest in this series mostly comes with how crazy it gets. This episode was not that crazy and therefore I did not see it as enjoyable as previous episodes. Although this stems more from the fights this episode was more a tactical and psychological battle than anything.

The end fight was short, and well not much of it made sense. If it was longer it probably would have. But the first half in terms of psychological and plot progression was done alright. Personally I saw the fact Sena would be told to do something against her will from the start, but it was predictable either way. I think that was a major flaw in this episode.

As for flaws, looking back there are some. I tend to focus on my enjoyment of the episode rather than a critical view. Mostly since seeing shows weekly should be more for personal enjoyment then going into analyze it like crazy. I will be doing that in a series review of it after the show ends.

With that said I did analyze it a bit, this was due to the psychological and not the insane fights that it would typically have. The flaws just become more well apparent when it is not fast paced. I also tend to enjoy things less when I over analyze it, which explains why I dropped a lot of anime the past year. This episode made that clear. I will stop here to prevent any form of ranting to occur in case this already sounded rant like.

Overall Enjoyment: 70/100

As always feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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