After the longest 2 weeks in history, the Phoenix Festa is over and we’re finally on to something else.

Here’s my review.

Just to put that into perspective, the Phoenix Festa started in ep 9 and it only just ended last week, ep 21. So yeah saying that event lasted only 2 weeks is a bit of a stretch but this is anime we’re talking about, stranger things have happened.

So this week is finally a break from school and battles, it’s a time to just kick back and relax for a change. But instead of relaxing, Julis takes the gang on a trip back home where she’s welcomed by pretty much everyone in whole country. Talk about a grand homecoming party. While Julis doesn’t approve of her brother arranging such a big welcome, I think it’s kinda cool as we finally see Julis in her natural habit, being the princess everyone knows her by.

While the majority of the first half is just the gang hanging around the palace soaking in the life Julis has grown tired of, there are some interesting things that are worth taking note of. For starters we learn a bit about how this country, Lieseltania, came to be along with details about how it pretty much became a front after the whole Invertia thing happened and rocks from space landed in some part of it. The situation there isn’t the best, the rich live in massive estates while the rest of the commoners live in poverty. Julis wants nothing more than to change the country to make it a better place, but lots of people with too much power are standing in her way as is usually the case.

Another point that’s worth noting is the moment between Ayato and Saya. It’s not a long scene but it’s once again Saya showing that she can be relied upon by Ayato when he needs help, something she wish she could’ve done when Haruka went missing years ago. We had a similar moment a few eps ago when Saya told Ayato to rely more on Julis instead of trying to shoulder the load by himself, and that was what he needed to hear to win a fight. Now Saya wants him to rely on her during tough times as she’s his childhood friend after all.


Probably the most interesting part of this ep was during tea time with Claudia when she asks the group if they’d be her teammates in the Gryps Festa. While this is great and all, the whole conversation is further proving my point I made last week about possibly needing another season to complete the story. In retrospect this season hasn’t exactly covered a lot of story due to the Phoenix Festa taking up the majority of time, so with Claudia suddenly mentioning another Festa along with a whole new group of people, I’m really starting to wonder if we will be seeing more Asterisk War in the future. Yeah I know it’s not the most amazing show in the world, but honestly it’s not that bad. People hate this show like it’s the worst thing ever made, but compared to the vast majority of magic high school anime this one doesn’t rely on boobs and fan service every episode, rather the focus is put of trying to tell a story instead.

Anyways, this Gryps Festa Claudia wants them to join her in seems to be a big deal because not only is she obsessed with winning it, but she’s clearly hiding something as well. By far Claudia is the most mysterious character of this show and really we haven’t learned a ton about her this season either. The most we do learn about her is probably in ep 11 where she made a clear point of saying she needed her terrifying weapon to grant a wish of hers. Whatever Claudia has planned I can’t see it being successfully accomplished with 2 eps left. Plus we still have the whole Haruka situation to deal with. I really believe the best option here would be to have another season as this tea time scene alone is just begging for a season 3. It’s not even subtle or anything, they’re straight up telling you there is so much more story left to tell. Whether we will be getting another season or not remains to be seen, but at this point it’s looking more and more impossible to have it all neatly wrapped up in time.

What's Claudia hiding?
What’s Claudia hiding?

The back half of this ep consists of the group attending a party before ending the night in a fight. Probably my number 1 highlight from this ep is when we see Claudia and Julis wearing these really pretty dresses. Kirin and Saya looked nice too, but for sure Claudia and Julis stole the show. Just look at them!

Absolutely stunning! Source Link
Absolutely stunning!
Source Link
Also very pretty. Source Link
Also very pretty.
Source Link

We’re also reminded this is a harem show as both Kirin and Saya go back and forth to have the chance to link arms with Ayato. I like how this harem element hasn’t been too present throughout S2, but every now and then it pops up which is fine. Anyways, this harem moment is brought to a quick end when some random old guy shows up outta nowhere and attacks the three of them. Clearly someone is pissed off about them joining Claudia in the Gryps Festa, further proving my point that she’s got something going on that can’t be wrapped up with only 2 eps remaining. This battle also proved that Ayato and Julis don’t need weapons to fight a battle because they are weapons.

All in all this ep, along with the previous one, had so many points that make me think another season is somewhere in the distance. I can’t see them wrapping up everything with 2 eps remaining, it’s just not possible. There is way too much going on right now so if they’re smart they won’t try to cram everything into the remaining 47 minutes. Unlike last time where we knew there would be a second season before S1 even began, I’ve so far heard nothing about another season.

Anyways, let me hear your thoughts on whether another season is needed or not in the comments below along with your thoughts on this ep as a whole.

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 22 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_23.40_[2016.06.04_23.26.34]

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next Saturday!


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