Yes, back on track after graduating and being a week behind. Anyway, good job me, I am patting myself on the back since a majority of this show has been delayed for reviews for me. Besides that, there are now only three episodes left since it is ten episodes. So time to keep this always random intro short and let’s get started.

The Plot:

So some old guy was strangling his cactus. Out of context writing this seems like it could be taken the wrong way. Just look at the picture.

order 7 1

Anyway flashback time eleven years ago sort of since it is also ten. The main leader of the organization worked alongside Eiji’s dad. The two worked well together and both were very different, I mean look at those eyebrows.

So the system that the main leader created was to convert people’s will into power. Besides scientists spelling Energy wrong causing my editor mind to be bothered. This was something that was helping people, until something in Eiji’s dad snapped and he made Daisy. Daisy was created to convert people’s will into power. So she grants people wishes, which causes Orders, and in short the great destruction.

The real plans of the organization are revealed, they are trying to stop a second destruction and Eiji from going to the dark side.

order 7 10

Then Rin shows up and Daisy too, Daisy does the same thing like the previous episode and opens up a way for the two to talk. This of course then causes Operation Kidnap the Imouto.

Needless to say they do not realize that Rin being there is how their information is leaked. In all honesty I thought they were using this to their advantage, they were not. So the imouto gets taken.

Then the imouto goes psycho. Not only does she find out her brother caused the Great Destruction. But she thinks her brother is an idiot because she is holding him back. She knows she is about to die and goes a little crazy. This entire conversation was with Rin.

Eiji on the other hand cannot remain calm.

order 7 20

See what I did there? So he abandons the group, seeing he wants to save the imouto. He also releases them from his control. On his way there the guy who can open portals, well he gets a beating for calling Eiji of possibly being a lolicon for liking his sister so much. Eiji reveals he would have killed himself by now if not for his sister.

order 7 21

Cutting back to the imouto, she basically goes full psycho. Rin even sees her as a true villain.

Overall Thoughts:

This episode, felt odd. It was not as action packed but gave more of a buildup and backstory. It was still a little crazy. But that was really it.

As I pointed out earlier that they were being spied on, it bugged me that they did not realize it. Well not fully realize it. But hey, the plot could not have gone anywhere if they realized exactly what was happening.

On another not I really do not care for Rin. I mean I did at the beginning, but now that she has hardly any focus I really do not care much for her. I do want to see more of Iyo and was a little disappointed that she did not really get to be in this episode besides two short lines.

This episode was rather slow, and due to not having the same amount of psycho action like previous weeks it did not feel the same. But the whole imouto thing made up for that, even if it felt like it came out of nowhere.


Overall Enjoyment: 75/100

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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