Well, I just remembered that there are ten episodes of this series. I kind of find it odd since I thought this would be two cour and Twin Star Exorcists (which I am reviewing on my blog) would be one. This turns into ten episodes and Twin Star Exorcists turns into 50, did not see that coming. So besides me questioning exactly on my level of understanding of what anime is after this episode, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, remember how Episode 5 did a lot of Star Wars things? Like getting our hand cut off and the “I am your father” thing, well there was a brief recap of that as well and Eiji was in denial about it as well.

order 6 1

Then things happen and they finally go searching for that old lady that could cure the imouto. Remember it is all for the imouto. Since Rin was taken this means best bunny-chan, Iyo, goes with Eiji. The two share a nice meal together. Iyo is happy.

Then they ride in a car together. Iyo was glad that she now gets to be alone with Eiji. She does with to marry him and have his baby. Of course Eiji does not think that much about it and this upsets best bunny-chan.

So the two make it to the cave. Where it starts to collapse. Then as I write this I am realizing why are there so many caves that collapse in this series, this is the second one. They have terrible luck. Anyway much like in episode 3 they rely on Iyo’s foresight to get out of there. They fall in water and Iyo becomes unconscious. When she wakes up she believed that mouth to mouth happened, only to be disappointed. Poor Iyo.

So while they dry off their clothes and a mysterious beam of light happens to cover Iyo’s naked body. Eiji seems a little over welled, for once the main protagonists knows he is dense.

order 6 15

Anyway then the woman they are looking for appears, and well she is not old as well as previously described in episode 5. Needless to say she is a little pervy and wants Iyo and Eiji to make a baby bunny so to speak. Oh yeah she also refuses to help save the imouto until those two are a thing. But she does make an off that if they beat her at her game she will reconsider.

Needless to say after a short break of trying and falling the two combine their powers and win. They also find out the lady’s true power. She really is granny level of age, but her Order prevents her from aging, also besides having the healing level of that of a god she can heal others as well.

But then an enemy shows up. Rin was seen somewhere in their too. The enemy is from the same organization that Rin was taken to. The dude can control water and thus made the water his avatar, so Eiji cannot control it.

order 6 26

So after combine their wish Iyo and Eiji’s power fuses and defeats the guy with what literally makes me question anime known as “Fish Gun.”

So although they won the enemies opened a portal and did some cross dimension attack killing the one person who may save the imouto.

order 6 30

Overall thoughts:

My expectations on how ridiculous this show can get only gets blown up more and more each week, I honestly do not know why anymore. Also this may serve as a good reminder but although I give it high enjoyment levels does not mean I will give the series as a whole a good score. So keep that in mind before I do the series review.
As a whole this episode’s enjoyment was much like all the others and relied on that crazy “what just happened?” moments. I am still not certain exactly if I could judge this fairly as a whole, but I think I can. There are plenty of problems with the plot that make up for the ridiculousness.

But as I was saying, it was still enjoyable. It was nice seeing Iyo take control of the screen time after basically getting the boot after half way through episode 4 and not having the baby or acknowledging it more other than it being imaginary. I do like how it now served as the basis of her liking Eiji and makes the whole plot after effects of that still be relevant since it was clearly missing in episode 5 date with Rin. Personally I like Iyo over Rin.


Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

As always feel free to say your thoughts on the show.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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