Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you with a new Post.

First the first time in a while, it’s a Love Live School Idol Festival Post.


This is going to be a two part post, one part is the explanation of why I haven’t been posting any stuff on Love Live School Idol Festival and the other part is explaining the new updates that came with the most recent update of LLSIF.

First the update:

So with the new update we’ve gotten a few new things.

  1. The Goals tab
  2. Homescreen Customization
  3. The Sticker Shop

So first the Goals Tab, called Tasks in the JPN version, gives you a little tab of stuff you can do for rewards which range from Love Gems, to Friend Points, to Gold.


You can even get new songs. This happened with me when I did few Goals and unlocked Angelic Angel.

For me this is awesome but I’ll explain a bit more later.


A fav LLSIF Youtuber of mine, ErynCerise, commented once that Love Gems are really easy to stack up on the JPN version a few months ago but I had no idea what she meant but now I do. I’ve easily gained 4 gems just doing the Goals.

Homescreen Customization

This ties in with the Goals. If you’ve been playing for a while like me, when you first updated you got a bunch of stuff right off the back.

When the game updated we got a few new things to make our game a bit more person other than our favorite Muse member gracing our front screen.


We got Titles and the ability to set our backgrounds.

Titles and backgrounds are pretty much the same in terms of how you get them. Most of them are unlocked by beating certain goals.

This list on the LLSIF wiki shows how to get each one.

List of Titles

I’ll be nice and show you my main screen.


Pretty nice. I’ve always got Nozomi up there in someway but Maid Nozomi is new.

Sticker Shop

This was originally named the Seal Shop in JPN but it’s the Sticker Shop here.


I’ve got the post that I did on the Seal Shop here.

The Seal Shop Post

Just one edit. The URs that are in the shop will rotate on occasion so if you want a specific one, you’ll have to hurry.

However you can get Blue Scouting Vouchers in here too! So burn away all those Rares!


And that’s it. Other than a small update that you don’t have to go Easy/Medium/Hard to fully unlock a song anymore. You play whatever version you want as soon as it’s unlocked.

The Reason for My Hiatus

So now to my little story about why I haven’t been posting about Love Live anymore.

Some of it was about the game but a lot of it was about how felt.

When I first started doing the LLSIF Posts, I did them because I wanted to share what I had learned with everyone. However then everyone started coming around asking me for advice about their teams, events, new features, and everyone was watching my progress during events.


At that point, it was a lot of pressure to be right and to do well at events. Eventually it felt too much like heavy work. And while I know that being an Anime Blogger is work in and of itself, I didn’t want that level of pressure so I just went on hiatus.

However I felt like I let everyone down. There were people looking at me for help and the information that I could bring. So I looked around and found out about the Seal Shop and made a post about it.


Another reason for the hiatus was the downtime parts of LLSIF.

Before this update, LLSIF had nearly a half a month of lull between events where you didn’t have anything to do other than come in and collect your daily rewards. There was no reason to do anything unless it was an event going on.

With the Goals active now, I feel there’s more to do.

Achievements and grabbing all the titles and backgrounds is going to be a long time and it’s something to do everyday. That’s a reason to be on the game everyday as opposed to just logging in to get rewards and to do events.

I’ve got more interest in the game right with the Goals and that’s going to keep me coming back.

That being said, I’m not going to for each event.

I’m going to go for Nozomi, Eli, Umi, Hanayo events.

I might be going for cards in other events but I won’t making post for those.

And with that, I think I’m done. I’ve got everything done with LLSIF!

I hope that you liked it!

So until the next LLSIF post,
Later Days

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