So, that title pretty much sums up this episode and it has a lot from yuri to imouto to the ironically convenient Star Wars episode 5 ending. But time to cut this intro short and get right to it for once.

The Plot:

Umm, well I just realized I summed up this episode with that first sentence. Do I have to go over the plot? I probably should otherwise it would throw me off and everyone reading this too.

Well remember Rock God, the whole Nuke thing, and the Bunny Baby from episode 4? Well Rock God gives a speech in the bath how she loves climbing mountains and of course the yuri route goes in full swing with her in their bath time. Of course no images really will be shown due to beam of light. Rin was also thinking a lot about Eiji. Iyo revealed that the baby is gone. That was it, literally it was gone. Poof, gone. Seriously, I really wish I remembered what happen in the manga, I just remember there was an actual explanation on her not giving birth and there being no baby bunny. Also they needed to get rid of nuclear radiation and thanks to an Order all it took was the bath. Daisy also appeared for a brief second to talk to someone.

Then Eiji found out his Imouto woke up so he flew off with the flying guy and Rin. Well Eiji’s imouto then learns of her sickness. She is pretty upset that Eiji had to deal with the burden of knowing alone. It is also revealed that someone who can cure incurable diseases is out in some area. Who I am just going to say now will probably die. I do not know I stopped reading the manga by where this episode started.

Then when Eiji runs off and possibly does questionable things with his not blood related imouto the leader talks about something that deals with Eiji. He also brings up how they need to control the world before the second Great Destruction happens.

So Eiji goes to a new area and takes it over, all in like 30 seconds. He flew over the area. Apparently the UN never took over the area because the yakuza did, good job being a police force.

Then Eiji and Rin date time.

Then Evil Order of the Week Kidnaps Rin and brain washes her to kill Eiji time. Anyway Rin was conflicted this entire episode in thinking about Eiji and how she should see him. The order that took her over can take over people. This also cancels out Eiji’s power because apparently New Orders take priority over Old Orders.

So with Rin under his control Eiji and a bunch of the others get beat up. Then the leader guy, (Sorry I am terrible with names and Wikipedia and MAL don’t help by not giving faces to the names) shows up and saves the day. His power basically reverses everything that happens.

However the man in control of Rin was under control himself and was not the one in control. Rin flees still under the man’s control. It was also revealed that the Group of Ten was formed to take down this particular Order.

The episode ends with Daisy showing up saying the person who really is in control is Hoshimiya Gennai, Eiji’s father……..see Star Wars Episode 5 ending. Also while uploading I realized Eiji lost his right hand too, even though he got it back. Yay for Star Wars stuff.

Overall Thoughts:

This episode seemed sort of rushing things. Like I said a lot happened. I mean a part of me wished that they gave more emotional time with the Imouto or had some minor battle in the area rather than skipping to that end fight. It felt like what could have happened was making this two episodes. But just because a lot happen does not mean it would work as two episodes. A lot happened but it was still fine regardless. The writing as a whole seemed to suffer because of it.

It is hard to say really, it feels like more options present themselves to help the imouto, but at the same time it seems to lose focus. The thing with Rin too, it felt like it was being rushed a bit. Yes it was nice for it to be not an instant “I love you have my babies,” sort of thing. Yet even the whole mixed feelings were being rushed in that little eating date montage.

The thing with Iyo was also a bit of a downer that it did not get addressed a lot. I did like the line that followed. She really does like Eiji.

Despite the problems I had with this episode I did not hate it. I may have not liked fully of the rushed atmosphere this episode gave. It was not the worst episode, it just could have been better.

Overall Enjoyment: 70/100

If I was Serious Score: 60/100

Anyway as always feel free to give me your thoughts on this episode. Remember there is only 10 episodes we are at the halfway point.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe