Wow, just wow. This is one episode, sorry show, which you just need to ignore some of the poorly done things. I mean sure there are some plot holes, but in some ways they are quickly covered up and fixed down the line. Just shutting off the brain and accepting that then the insanity can be enjoyed. This is one show that only gets crazier each episode. So without further ado, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Where to begin. Well last week if you remember Bunny-chan, Iyo, was about to give birth to Eiji’s baby bunny.

Then in typical fashion for this episode it starts to switch between Eiji and Rin. Rin is still with the Rock God. Who we still do not know the name of and won’t this episode. So those two talk. It is made known this episode that only Orders can see where Eiji’s domain is. Rock God seeing this, besides being interested tries to get Rin on her side. Of course she also reveals a nuke is heading their way to take out Eiji.

Then it cuts back to Iyo and Eiji, who is clearly not ready to be a dad. He rushes her to some nearby people. Who happen to be listening to the radio that is talking about Eiji. They take him to the hospital and nurses and old ladies congratulate him on his teenage pregnancy. I did not mention but the radio signals are down at the time so Eiji could not contact anyone. But Eiji is freaking out due to not being able to contact anyone, especially since Iyo foresaw a nuke in the forecast. So, Eiji tries to focus on a plan and sees a radio tower.

Then it cuts back to Rin. Her and Rock God continue to talk and ultimately Rin decides not to join her. Mostly since she saw through Rock God’s deceit, but also she wants to do what she wants. Eiji then contacts her and tells her to defeat Rock God. The order travels through where he stood to her. He believes they cannot launch the missile until they know his location. They are literally dropping the bomb on him.

But due to Eiji being at the radio tower, this confirmed were they are. So Rock God does her whole petrification thing on Rin. The nuke is also launched. Then one of the Ten Seats shows up. I cannot find his name on MAL since none of the characters have pictures. Anyway he clears up that plot hole of Run not healing the imouto, since Rin cannot heal altered states. So petrification or a cold would fall under this.

Then back to Eiji, and Rock God reveals to everyone his identity, since she attacks him. Needless to say they are not happy. The nurse from earlier stabs him. It is also revealed that the thing that is also known as Rock God is made up of Grave Stones. All of the people who died hating Eiji. Needless to say this is a power up.

order 4 22

But then it is revealed that they Ten Seat guy is a spy. Yet, only Rin hears of this. Eiji on the other hand wants to stop the nuke so orders everyone around him to stop. He also is now able to control Rock God’s avatar. He has it lift himself up. Then he tries to control gravity to slow the nuke down, only to have another one of the Ten Seat guys show up. Anyway the other guy destroys the nuke due to his OP power of pulverizing things on the atomic level. WOW.

You would think it is done now right? Nope, another missile comes.

Rock God’s avatar begins to crumble. The people are protected from the crumbling bits thanks to Eiji. She starts to question who the real villain is since Eiji is trying so hard to protect the people, even though they hate him.

The other nuke comes down. Rin appears through a portal thanks to the spy. The Rock God is healed, she is also willingly helping them now, and the put a stop to it. The spy was a double agent. The girl Rin saved last episode was also apparently an Order who can stop nukes. And the white-haired guy controlling everything tells the UN this info so they can stop sending nukes.

The episode is over yet no baby bunny was born, guess it is time to wait until next week.

Overall Thoughts:

Wow, just this show is probably the craziest this season. If you ignore the bad parts and just watch it to be entertained and not gain anything other than that from it, then do it.

This episode only was more insane then episode 3. This is why that 3 episode test is a good thing, since it just got a lot better in the third episode. But the momentum really built up this week. My only hope is they keep it up.

I do not have much to say, since right now I really just watched this episode to be entertained and it really delivered. It is ridiculous, but it can just suck you in. I can see what they are trying to do for somethings, mostly how Eiji is although seen as the bad guy, is the good guy, and the ones that are seen as the good are really the bad. It was nice seeing Rock God have a sort of mental break down being uncertain. I hope her character sticks with Eiji, she could be interesting.

I just have no idea how this show will end. After all with ten episodes next week is the halfway point. It is weird to think that.

But like I said, I rather enjoyed this episode, and glad there is at least other things coming into play with people questioning what is really going on.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100 (I can never let myself say 100 no matter how hard I want to)

Feel free to comment on your thoughts of the series so far. Or even if you view this show differently, really would like to see other types of opinion since mine seems to start being absorbed in the insanity hype I am giving it.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe