Not the most eventful week in Asterisk War this time around, but it’s setting the stage for something big to happen soon.

Here’s my review.

The battle presented to us this week is a semi-final match between Ayato and Julis vs. two guys from Galadadworth Academy, Doroteo Lemus and Elliot Forster. Honestly it’s not much of a fight really, just two more people who are defeated very quickly as the Seidoukan duo move closer to the biggest fight of their life. I could complain about the lack thereof weight to this battle, I mean it is a semi-final match so these Galadadworth should be a big deal, right? Nope, despite Forster having very good sword skills and Lemus having a robot horse, Ayato and Julis make quick worth of these two so they can advance to the final and face off against the Allekant powerhouse of AR-D and RM-C. That should be an exciting battle for sure.

As with the demands to see Flora safe, Ayato isn’t using the Ser-Vesta in this fight either, sticking to some rather normal looking lightsaber Lux instead. Weapon aside though, he’s still got the skills to take down Forster with ease, something with seems a bit strange given that Ayato says Forster’s skills are nearly on par with Kirin’s the former number 1 student at Seidoukan. Julis fought Lemus in the fight, having to deal with the big guns as seem to be the case. Once again another highly ranked student and he’s put down fairly quickly by Julis.

The interesting parts to this ep are in the second half, where Ayato meets with Irene to get some info on Flora’s possible whereabouts. While she can’t help him out too much, she does point him in the right direction, to a seedy part of town where the law isn’t upheld too much. It’s risky going in, but for Flora’s sake, and Julis’ as well, Ayato takes a chance and goes to investigate further.

Probably the best part of this ep is the scene in the Allekant workshop where we learn the back story of Camillia and what her motivation is. Turns out she was severely injured when she was younger in an attack by anti-government people and lost her leg in the process. Building her back was none other than Ernesta (who looked the same so I’m not sure how old she would be) and because of that Camillia vowed to work with her from then onwards. While Camillia is set of making a Lux that anyone can use, Ernesta wants to make her robots more real with emotions and intelligence. Never a good idea.

Ernesta’s plan already seems to be going well though as AR-D and RM-C make some requests while they’re undergoing maintenance. AR-D wants to keep his scar from the fight with Kirin while RM-C wants her armor transfer to leave her in a less embarrassing state afterwards. Strange request but Ernesta is overjoyed that her bots are making the growth she was hoping for. Up next: world domination.

We end with Ayato blowing his cover while following up on the lead Irene gave him, only to be seemingly rescued by some mysterious girl. Thankfully this second half of the show hasn’t focused too much on the harem side of things (another point I do like) but having the addition of another girl is bound to bring up some friction later. As for who this girl is, I have a feeling it’s someone we’ve seen before that being Sylvia Lyyneheym, although her hair is more violet than brown, but I’m sure there is a reason for that. Trivia fans, Sylvia Lyyneheym is voiced by Haruka Chisuga who sings the ED. Whether or not this mysterious girl is actually Sylvia, we’ll have to wait till next week to find out.

So yeah, not the most exciting ep more like one to just push the story along while throwing in a few interesting bits here and there. Not a filler ep, but just not the most exciting ep considering what we’ve had in the past few weeks. Nevertheless I’m still liking this show, it’s not worth the hate everyone gives it though as it’s pretty decent for a magic high school anime. Anyways, let me know your thoughts on this ep in the comments below!

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 18 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_23.40_[2016.05.07_22.33.20]

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week!


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