New Outline. New Info. More Pics but the same Deven.

The Search…for good rice. It’s never ending and always growing

The 18th Round Score Match has begun.

Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Festival Post.

This event is the ’18th Round Score Match’ Event. This Event will take place between May  4th and May 13th.

Appeal: It’s a Huge Case!
For every 30 notes, there is a 50% chance of turning all goods and greats in the next 3 seconds into perfects.


Hanayo’s on the Case! As a person that loves rice as well, I will support her during every step!


Until Next Rank:2428
Love Gems:0


Ah it feels good in a way to be back. I’m returning to the good old posts. I’ll be doing my same old, same old again but only with Nozomi, Eli, and Hanayo events only. If a card has really, really good art for Umi then you can add her too.


I’m going to go for this card. Mostly because I just got back into this and my skills are horrible. I need to regain my power

Break Even

I’ve got 0 gems and I have no current Scouting Tickets.

So as we usually end the Before the Event we will this with a Hanayo Pic spam!

So until After the Event,
Later Days

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