So, where to begin? Since the hiatus is basically over at the time of writing this, and I am also now realizing taking screen caps for this show only gets worse each episode since I took about 27 pictures. It might not seem like a lot, but my average is 12. Although this season it has been in the mid-teens, weird. Anyway besides me starting to know slight problems in writing, even if it somehow gets worse it won’t be as bad as Luck & Logic, so I should be able to stick around for the next 7 episodes. It was announced to be 10 sadly. So, yeah, without further ado let’s get started.

The Plot:

Can I just say this episode was insane?

Anyway, where last week ended with the whole sister dying and now in stopped time, it is reminded that as long as she is stopped in time she will not age and thus her illness will not kill her. This is one plot hole I possibly noticed, more on that in the end.


There was also a brief glimpse at the very beginning with Bunny-chan, aka Iyo as we learn later in the episode. It is just a glimpse of her wish, nothing special.

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So then let me see, ah yes. Yay for a lot of images. There was Eiji meeting with the Ten Members, who as you may remember said he is the king of the world. This meeting was basically their next plan of attack. In which case obvious thing I would like to talk about number 2 appears with one of these images and the strategy.

Also Rin is free. Also asks for a straitjacket, it is like she is trying to be Yuno or something.

Now Eiji has to talk to the Prime Minster, who is well, how can I put this, it rhymes with rick and starts with D. They put it nicely by calling him a moron.

So this talk is televised nationwide. The Prime minster says all members of that council of Ten, despite being under Eiji’s control, are considered traitors. What does he do with traitors? Kill their families. Yeah, umm, well, so far Eiji did not kill anyone, even if he did cause the world to end. He did not kill anyone intentionally.

So a bunch of the family members are killed only leaving the child. A crowd is unsettling wanting the kid to die. Is everyone this messed up?

Eiji does save the day thanks to Bunny-chan giving him a gun when they passed earlier.

He uses the gun to “Kill” the members of the 10. But he does not, since his powers stopped the bullets. He wants to use them as much as they are referring to him as a puppet.

So with that insane part out-of-the-way the insanity does not end there as the second half starts.

On their way to Kyuushuu, the soldiers following Eiji basically bail as the tunnel starts collapsing. This is the first territory they are going to take over and no one wants to do it. Also the person in charge of the area is known as Rock God with powers of petrification. There are some soldiers keeping an eye on it though.

So back on the whole tunnel collapsing. Bunny-chan saves the day. Her powers are divination which are “100% correct” (I remembered something sort of from 2 years ago, will wait till ep 4 though).

After Rin, Bunny-chan, and Eiji escape, Bunny-chan introduces herself as Iyo. Also Rin seems jealous. Eiji tries to touch Iyo’s ears/ribbon. It is a ribbon, I think. I am uncertain. But she freaks out, and says if a man touches them she will get pregnant and lose her divination power. Eiji still wants to touch the ears.

Then Rock God shows up thanks to Rin making them follow her. She still wants to kill Eiji after all, even indirectly. Eiji also learns he cannot control Avatars, which the Rock God was making with that monster. She was off in the distance.

Eiji and Iyo escape. However Iyo trips, Eiji grabs her ears, she actually gets pregnant. It was probably a world record. The baby just appeared.

Then the Rock God confronts Rin for a fight.  All to end on the dramatic conclusion that Iyo is now about to give birth to Eiji’s baby bunny.

order 3 27

Overall Thoughts:

Let’s start with potential plot holes and problems. Will these affect the series, no, because although there are examples I am noticing of bad/lazy writing, Future Diary was ridiculously enjoyable and this one might be too?

So, if Sena needs to be healed, why doesn’t Rin do it? Or can Rin only heal wounds?

Also the whole strategy and not telling Eiji all of it, one it could have been seen as the writer having no clue on what the strategy would be, while the other could actually be that they want to keep Eiji in the dark.

As a whole those are my only two problems with this episode. The show really jumped in dramatics compared to episode 2. So, although I hardly remember what happens after Rock God, most of this will be unfamiliar territory for me. It has been a very enjoyable episode regardless. And despite the flaws appearing here and there this might shape into one of my favorites this season.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Now that this was the recent episode, I would love to hear your thoughts up to now.

I am offically back into the swing of things.

Other than that thanks for reading and check out the other reviews and weekly editorials here on Anime Corps.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe