Hello, once again, and I am trying to think of something to say. Mostly since while writing my weekly reviews of Twin Star Exorcists I am now becoming self-aware that these will be out daily. So, there is not much to say here. Such is a dilemma while writing these weeks in advance while I am on hiatus. Anyway, same thing goes for episode 1 review, although episode 3 might be more plot focused since it will have been out for a few days and not weeks. So without further ado let’s get started.

The Plot:

So it continues where episode one ended, only this time with more bondage looking stuff happening. Please tell me it was not just me thinking it.

Anyway with Rin now under Eiji’s control, he also accidentally commanders her saying that she will marry him. Anyway the other commands were she cannot leave his domain, which is wherever he stands, and she cannot kill him or his sister. Of course her being devastated that she cannot die nor kill the person that she lived to kill is where Eiji says that she can still find love and get married and stuff like that.

Then a guy who can stop time, well, stops time. Eiji wakes up basically tied up in a straitjacket. Then Yuno Gasai the second shows up to save him. Of course Rin still wants to kill him. So what is her solution, kill him indirectly, cue random montage of Rin dying trying to kill Eiji.

Alright with that out-of-the-way there is a fork in the road. One way leads to freedom, the other leads to saving the imouto. With the backstory of how much Eiji cares for his step sister out of the way and revealing she has less than six months to live, he goes to save the imouto. Also enemies show up and their only solution when bullets don’t work is to keep shooting.

Time stopping guy shows up, they fight and stuff.

Then the 10 people who are in control of the area show up, say Eiji is their king and blackmail him to rule the world. Of course they may be using him as a puppet, but with the journey they are putting him on he might be able to find an order who could Cure his imouto.

Overall Thoughts

This episode was mostly action, backstory, and more set up for the show as a whole. It is said that this show is 10 episode, well the first 2 were mostly for setting up where the next 8 will take us.

This episode as a whole though, it was interesting. My only complaint, sort of, is how Rin is a lot like Yuno, sure she does not love Eiji, yet, but she has the psycho going. I am uncertain if it is more mild or extreme then Yuno, but I hardly remember what I read almost two years ago for the manga.

I did find it oddly funny with her killing Eiji attempts resulted in her dying in some way. Plus joking, sort of, that she thought she was going to die there. Coming from someone immortal I cannot help but to laugh. Although if it was a different situation I would find it more a concern.

The episode had decent pacing and started to give more character development and a problem for the main character. Rin might not seem as well-built and more of a Yuno Gasai knock off, but since it is from the same Creator I hope they made her change a little more than Yuno.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Well besides being glad to be back here I am back on my own blog too.

Other than that thanks for reading and check out the other reviews and weekly editorials here on Anime Corps.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe