If you are reading this that means I succeeded in not uploading until the end of my hiatus. So while I am patting myself on the back and still am uncertain where the show will take me, since by the time this is going up episodes 2 and 3 will be written and scheduled. Either way if you are curious about this show and if you saw Mirai Nikki or the English title of it Future Diary and enjoyed that series, you should enjoy this one. It has psychos with super powers. So, although those are my broad view of the show as a whole there is much more to it.

Because the first three episodes will be out and written by the time this post comes out the plot section I normally do will be a little shorter than normal for the first two. Expect everything to return to its normal length with the 3rd episode, be it for better or worse.


The world is destroyed, people’s wishes are granted. While some wish for wealth, jealous, or some other selfish desire it destroys the world.

order 1 2
Dem eyes

Ten years pass, people known as Orders have a sort of super powers granted to them. They are believed to be the ones that caused it, or at least the teacher believes so. But main character, Yuki, I mean Eiji Hoshimiya, knows the truth and how he caused the destruction of the world. He too is an Order, although he does not like using or has used his powers.

A floating girl who makes people Orders, Daisy, she talks to Eiji wanting him to use his power. At some point, before or after, I think it was before, but Eiji met with his little sister, who is in the hospital since she is really sick. Either way he does not want to use his power and does not wish harm on people.

order 1 6

Then the new transfer student, Yuno Gasai, I mean overly used name Rin Kurenai shows up. She is cute and besides being the possible love child of Yuno and Yukki she is a psycho wanting revenge for the death of her parents ten years ago. They burned in a fire caused by the start of the destruction of the world.


This of course was not learned until after she probably followed Eiji home, since he did not notice her. She explains she was told that he was the person who caused the destruction. Eiji’s powers kick in before she can kill him. The sword somehow landed in her stomach. It did not look pleasant, besides being by the same managaka and studio and people as Future Diary, this one is not afraid to get bloody like the rest of the episode.

While Eiji runs away people are talking about orders and what not. Not orders as in Orders, but orders in telling someone to do something. In this case how Rin went against hers to follow not kill Eiji. Looks like a woman’s scorn is stronger.

Either way Eiji wants to go to the hospital to calm down and see his sister. By the time he gets there Rin is waiting. Yeah she has a regenerative ability, which was her wish 10 years ago so now she is basically immortal, good job. Anyway she stabs the imouto, whose smile must be protected.

Eiji runs for it after snapping and losing brief control of his powers. Daisy shows up again and tries to remind him of his wish. It was caused by his beloved cartoon when he was little. He wanted to be like the hero in it. He was a villain that claimed he wanted destruction of the world, only to hide the true intentions for peace. Eiji’s wish was for world peace not destruction. Because he is worried to hurt someone, like with the cataclysmic event from a decade ago, Daisy makes his powers 1/1000th of his strength. Either way he was really powerful.

order 1 14

His power is to manipulate anyone and anything that is in the area that he has stepped on. So when confronting Rin, she was in his area. He caused her to heal his sister. Before, quote unquote “Force you to be the first to submit to me.” Then some sort of bondage like scene comes into play before going black screen for the episode to finish.

order 1 15

Overall Thoughts

I did enjoy this episode. I remember reading the manga back almost 2 years ago. I rather liked it, only reason I stopped is because translations were super slow. The bunny girl was cute; sadly she will not be in for a few more episodes. We only got a glimpse of her this time.

Anyway although this is very much like the previous work, Future Dairy, I still will say as of right now if you liked one you will like the other. This one will turn into more superhero battles than psychos with knives. A lot of twists and turns will come up.

As a whole this episode was alright, it really more than anything was all about that wonderful world building, while still leaving out some information you can still get the basic idea of what is happening. Although there was only a glimpse of a person’s power there will be more to come. It was an enjoyable first episode. I did feel like I was watching Future Diary again so hopefully this will not happen in the future. For all I know it might.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

I do plan on completing this one, although I might do the final episode differently, which on my blog tends to also have a spoiler free full series review. Instead there will be a separate post. I am uncertain if it will be here or my personal blog.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series so far. 

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe