In one of the more action heavy eps, Asterisk War showcases a fierce battle between Saya and Kirin vs. AR-D and RM-C. It’s a battle pitting man vs. machine, seeing who really is stronger. Maybe more appropriately put, girl vs. machine. Let’s see who wins.

Here’s me review!

I gotta say this battle was far more interesting and exciting to watch compared to last week’s Ayato and Julis vs. Li twins. This battle was really a display of power, seeing if the intense training and powerful guns of Kirin and Saya brought would be enough to take down Allekant’s robotic duo or AR-D and RM-C. For the majority of the ep it’s really just the two sides going back and forth, trading blows and getting chances to put the other side down. I found this a lot more enjoyable to watch compared to the trickery the Li twins brought to the floor last week, so already this ep was a huge improvement from last time.

Being that Saya and Kirin aren’t exactly the main two characters of this show, it was kinda up in the air whether or not they’d actually win this fight. For story progression reasons, it would seem logical that Allekant would win, so Ayato and Julis could face them later on, but at the same time I really wanted to see Saya put to rest the charges laid by Camillia prior to the fight. As the battle waged on though it seemed as if both sides were almost even, Kirin giving AR-D a run for his money while Saya kept RM-C busy with her powerful cannons. But as things wore on and the two girls kept getting smashed up, it started to look evident which side would come out victorious.

Not for a lack of trying though as Kirin and Saya forced the Allekant bots to resort to their final form just to beat them. That’s saying a lot considering every other opponent before them lasted only a fraction of the time. In a way Kirin and Saya partly won the battle as they pushed the bots to their limits, something even Ernesta was surprised to see, but in the end the actual victory would go to Allekant. While we never do see the final bit of the battle, we join our two girls after the fight back in the rest room where Ayato and Julis come talk with them. Normally I’d have been slightly annoyed at the fact we never got a chance to see the final bit of the fight, but there still are other things this ep needed to cover, so for those reasons we needed to move on.

Last week we ended with Flora getting kidnapped by presumably a Le Wolfe agent, so this week we continue on with that story as the kidnapper contacts Julis and requests that Ayato apply for an emergency freeze on his Lux or else Flora will get hurt. What does that mean? Best girl Claudia is on hand to explain that it’s when the user feels his Lux is too dangerous he can have it forcefully sealed. While it’s possible to undo this seal, it would render the Ser-Vesta useless to Ayato ever again. If you remember back to S1, it’s brought out that the Ser-Vesta has a mind of its own, so pissing it off is a very bad idea. Of course at the same time no one wants to let Flora get hurt, even if her voice is annoying as hell, so Claudia devises a plan to bring her home safe while Julis and Ayato continue their run in the Phoenix Festa. It’s a risky plan sure, but if it pays off then everyone can go home happy and alive.

Before we close out this ep Claudia puts the plan into action, sending Kirin and Saya to do the actual rescuing of Flora while Ayato and Julis remain at the tournament to keep battling. Claudia meantime will use her influence to stall the emergency freeze process long enough that the two girls can rescue Flora then Ayato can go back to using the Ser-Vesta and keep their run alive.

Next week looks to be another exciting ep as Saya and Kirin are off to save Flora while Julis and a less powerful Ayato are off to fight their next opponent. Will the lack of the Ser-Vesta put them at the disadvantage? Probably, but knowing how these shows go I’m sure Ayato will pull some trick to win in the end. But we’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

So that’s what I thought of this week’s ep, let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below!

Being that Ajin finally ended I’ll have my 3 part winter wrap up review coming out soon. Yes it’s pretty much a month late but hey ep 13 only recently came out. I’ll try to have those out starting tomorrow or Monday. Also if you don’t follow the Anime Corps Twitter (which I highly recommend you do) then you’ll have missed the announcement that Big Order reviews by Joe will be starting May 1st (tomorrow). Crazy show but I’m liking it so far. If Big Order interests you then stop by for those review.

Alright that’s all for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


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