This week’s Asterisk War ep is an all out display of action as Julis and Ayato’s fight against the Li twins reaches its climax. Also, Saya and Kirin begin their long-awaited fight against the robots.

Here’s my review!

Last week ended with Ayato “awakening” some hidden power within him, something that’s not too unexpected from these magic high school anime, so I have to admit I was doing some eye rolling during this sequence. Just another reason why I don’t plan on coming back to the genre after Asterisk War ends, but as this wasn’t a prolonged part to this ep it was tolerable to watch.

For the first half of this battle (or first half of the back half of this battle) Ayato spends it meditating to unlock this hidden power while Julis gets her ass kicked by the Li twins. Why is it always that the bad guy has to be some pervert when it comes to fighting a girl? Here we’ve got another classic case of the enemy, this time being Shenyun, getting Julis in a slightly compromising position, being all strung up with talisman and pretty much getting off to slowly wearing her down by throwing exploding talisman at her. Bonus points for making a point of showing the talisman wrapping around her body, between her boobs and ass as well, along with having her clothing getting torn and exposing her body beneath.

To be honest the whole first half of this ep is one cliché thing after another, starting with Ayato awakening some hidden power to Julis and the bondage play. While I do like Asterisk War overall as it has things about it that I like compared to the majority of magic high school anime, I never forget that this is still very much a generic magic high school anime itself and there will be moments that remind me why I don’t like this genre anymore. The eye rolling and sighing continued as Ayato finally unlocked his hidden power (quite literally too as he was all chained up but found a key to unlock some of the chains) and has his moment where he swoops in to save Julis from the finishing blow.

Probably what annoyed me the most though was the fact that Ayato makes a point of saying “and it’s not like it gave me a power-up or anything.” Okay so logically speaking, when you reach the second level, unlock something, or gain new abilities, one would come to the conclusion that they’ve gotten a power up and are thus more powerful than they were before. Ayato clearly has that happen to him yet he, for some reason, claims he doesn’t get a power up after unlocking more of his hidden power. Uh… what? So going by this, him being able to now see the invisible Shenhua and talisman, along with being able to counter Shenhua’s attacks and land a finishing hit to her and Shenyun has absolutely nothing to do with receiving a power up? Come on Ayato, just admit it that you’ve meditated for a couple of minutes, had a think back to Haruka’s wise words and are now more powerful than you were before. Long story short Ayato takes them both out and he and Julis come out victorious from this battle.

The second half of the ep gets a bit better as not only best girl Claudia finally make her S2 appearance, but we get to see the beginning of the long-awaited Saya and Kirin vs AR-D and RM-C. Now if we think back to the last time we saw these two robots fight someone, they mopped the floor with them in record time. Allekant sure knows how to build some killer robots. But anyways I should mention that it’s great to see Claudia once again, it’s been a while since she was last in an ep (previews don’t count by my books) so even though she had a very short appearance she never missed a beat and was her usual self, inviting Ayato over for some late night “hospitality” to express her gratitude for winning such a tough battle. Of course Julis is having none of this and the usual tug-of-war begins. Yeah this show is still very much a harem show as well.

Saya and Kirin occupy the final bit of this ep, showing them prepping for their throw down against the Allekant robots. We also learn about Saya’s father and how he’s been in some crazy accident and because of that he has the time to build guns for his daughter. Okay wording it like that sounds kinda weird but I’ll just let it go. Anyways, this is why Saya feels so compelled to defend her father’s work when someone badmouths it, much like Camillia does while the two are walking to the arena. But like that old saying, actions speak louder than words, Kirin suggests they leave the fighting to the arena and not get overly angry with Camillia and Ernesta.

Using her sword skills Kirin is able to knock AR-D off his game, showing that his defense might not be as solid as he thinks it is. Kirin goes on to prove that her skills are no match for a robot and that if he’s going to talk big, then he better be prepared to back up those words with some actions. Meanwhile Saya he also getting serious as she opens up with a flying mech suit that sends RM-C into the wall after one shot. Oh boy, looks like we’ve got a real fight here for a change. I’m eager to see how this will play out next week. But before we end, as expected Flora gets kidnapped. Yeah this shouldn’t even be a surprise as it was only a matter of time before this happened. A bit sooner than I predicted but I also look forward to seeing how Julis and Ayato deal with this situation.

All things considered this was an ep that started off meh but got better by the end. I look forward to seeing how the Saya and Kirin vs AR-D and RM-C fight goes along with how Ayato and Julis handle the Flora kidnapping. So that’ll wrap things up for this week, let me know your thoughts on the ep in the comments below!

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 16 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_23.40_[2016.04.23_16.13.08]

Thanks for reading and I’ll see y’all back here next Saturday!


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