Continuing on with a slow start, this week’s Asterisk War sheds more light on Ayato’s past with his sister before Julis and him have the long-awaited fight against the Li twins.

Here’s my review.

Once again I like the fact Asterisk War is sticking with focusing on building its plot during the slower times instead of having filler nonsense take up that screen time. As mentioned this week we get more backstory regarding Ayato’s older sister, Haruka. By way of a flashback we see a younger Ayato and Haruka sparing in the dojo as loli Saya watches from a nearby tree branch. Ayato wants nothing more than to beat his sister at a match, but no matter how hard he tries it’s just not something he can do. Well maybe not on his own, perhaps with Saya’s help they can overpower the girl.

Back in present day Ayato’s mind is wandering in practice with Julis as the sudden news about his sister is taking much more of a toll on him than he imagined. True he loves and cares about his sister, but searching for her might also uncover some things he might like. Ayato’s torn between doing what he first came to that school to and letting sleeping dogs lie. Instead of trying to fix this matter herself as they’re partners, Julis goes to Saya and asks her to speak with Ayato, being that the two of them grew up together. I really liked this part of the ep, seeing Saya and Ayato just having a moment like it’s the good old days again. Her message is clear, simple, and nothing we haven’t heard before: don’t try to shoulder everything on your own. You can’t do everything on your own so let those around you help you out at times, that’s what Saya is saying, referring to Julis.

Cutting back to the flashback we see the battle unfold between Saya and Ayato vs Haruka, and as expected Haruka comes out victorious. Even so, Ayato and Saya held their ground pretty well and were able to give Haruka a run for her money before she went all out and beat them instantly. So while teamwork was a good tactic to use against the powerful Haruka, how would this tactic work against the Li twins?

The second half of the ep is all about the battle between Ayato and Julis vs the Li twins. Knowing your enemy is a good part of the battle (the other half being lots of violence, obviously) but even so Julis and Ayato enter with a plan, only to be thrown off their game right from the start.  I liked how the Li twins really lived up to the hype everyone was giving them as they really used the art of deception to fool Ayato and Julis for the entire battle. From smoke screen, invisibility tricks, decoys and even exploding (and invisible) talisman, the Li twins flex their strength and show why they’re such a feared duo to fight against. It’s always the enemies that get under your skin and push all the right buttons that make you lose your mind, those are the worst and the Li twins are just that. Even when Ayato think he’s landing a finishing blow to Shenyun, he’s shocked to realize it was only just a decoy and the real one has just been sitting back waiting for him to use all his power up.

But as always is the case, Julis and Ayato are pushed into a corner, their energy starting to run out and their enemy still at full charge. This show is still very much a generic magic high school anime and with a few simple words from Julis, Ayato suddenly remembers something from long ago, presumably about his sister and his sealed power, and has now fully “awakened.” I’m sure we’ll get more or less of an explanation about what this all means, but whatever the case is hopefully it’ll be enough to help Julis and Ayato defeat the Li twins as the battle is far from over.

Not much to talk about this week, just some backstory stuff and part 1 of the battle, next week looks like it’ll be pretty action packed and possibly the long overdue return of Claudia as well. I can’t wait! So that’s what I thought about this ep, let’s hear your comments about it!


That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll cya guys next week!


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