Week 2 of Asterisk War was much quieter than last week, no all out action to be had this time.

Here’s my review!

Instead of going pedal to the metal and having another action packed ep, Asterisk War takes a day off and brings things down a notch, letting out characters rest for a change before throwing them into a heated fight against the formidable Li twins. No this ep isn’t a filler at all as there is lots still going on, especially in the way of character development and plot progression.

So last week we ended with Flora being introduced, a little girl dressed as a maid and has some connection to Julis. She’s also got an extremely annoying voice too. This week we find out that Flora is a maid at the palace Julis is from, but also from the orphanage that Julis is fighting for. I really liked this aspect of the ep, tying right back to S1 ep 3 where we find out who she’s fighting for. I think it’s a really noble thing for her to do, give back to this orphanage as it’s having financial trouble, or at least it was but Julis’s efforts at school have greatly helped it out over the past while.

Going back to Flora for a moment, she’s not just showing up out of the blue, rather she’s been sent on a mission by Julis’ brother. If she ever mentioned having a brother then I’ve totally forgotten. Anyways we’ll get to the exact reason why Flora’s there a bit later, back to Julis for a bit more. A quality I really liked about her in this ep was how caring she is for those close to her. I don’t mean Ayato rather Flora and the kids in the orphanage. Julis is like a big sister to them, showing them loving care and affection and just the interactions between her and Flora show us another side to Julis that is probably rarely put on display. We also are reminded that yes this is a harem show when Flora mentions that all the other girls are her rivals, all eyes turn towards Ayato who looks a bit confused as expected.

Another point that was nice to see in this ep was  the return of the Urzaiz sisters. We last saw them in battle against Ayato and Julis back in ep 12, but after those events they’ve settled their differences and are now friends. Priscilla even wants to invite them over for dinner again to express her thanks for saving her sister when she was getting out of hand in that battle. But instead of accepting the invite for dinner, Ayato has some questions he wants to ask Irene regarding Dirk “Tyrant” Eberwein, the top guy at Le Wolfe. Ayato asks if she can arrange a meeting between him and Dirk as Ayato wants to ask him about his sister, Haruka. Agreeing to that Irene also mentions to be careful as Dirk isn’t a guy you want to mess with; he’s even got someone named Erenshkigal working for him. I’m sure we’ll find out who that is later.

I don’t think we’ve seen the boys dorm before where Ayato and Yabuki stay, so it was nice seeing this new location. Also welcome back Yabuki, long time no see. I don’t even remember where he was but probably up to no good. Anyways, he’s got some info about the Li twins that he relays to Ayato, emphasizing the fact these two are a tough pair to fight. I really hope all the lead up make for a thrilling battle as they’re certainly hyping it. Julis gives Ayato a call during this info session, saying that Flora wants him to come out to lunch with them. Yabuki is quick to jump in, recommending a nice quiet place for their date, a word that flusters Julis greatly but in the end they take up Yabuki on his offer and got to the place he recommended.

The three person date is another moment where Julis really shows off her mature side and looks after Flora as if she was her little sister. Julis also gets Flora a jumbo parfait after the table beside them ordered one and Flora was looking longingly at it. Whether intentionally or not, probably the latter, Flora organized an indirect kiss between Ayato and Julis, by feeding them each a spoonful of the parfait. Of course Ayato wasn’t phased by this at all while Julis’ face was busy turning pink from embarrassment. The embarrassment continues as Flora finally gets around to explaining why she’s there, which is to ask Ayato how far he’s gone in his relationship with Julis. But the fun and games quickly come to an end once Korona, the secretary to Dirk shows up. Time to meet the enemy.

Julis was firm in her stand on accompanying Ayato to meet with Dirk, after all they are partners, and with Drik’s approval she’s able to ride along. Le Wolfe seems to be doing pretty well as they’re able to have their student council president ride around in the back of a Rolls Royce Phantom like car. It certainly looked like one so I’ll call it that. A-1 put some time into animating this car as it was full CG and we got to see lots of exterior shots of it as it drove through the streets, sun setting in the background.

Getting right down to business Ayato gets the information about his sister, Haruka. Turns out Dirk doesn’t know much about her either, aside from the fact he last saw her at The Eclipse Festa which is another festa that has no rules and it’s a fight to the death. If you recall back to S1 ep 1, the very beginning of that ep we see Haruka battling here only to fall and end up in the pool of blood. According to Dirk she didn’t actually but she was down enough that she fight was called there. Since then he hasn’t seen her at all. Dirk’s question for Ayato was about Madiath Mesa, the Chairman of the Festa Steering Committee, but Ayato doesn’t have what Dirk is looking for so he drop them off.

As they drive off Korona makes mention of Flora being with Julis and Ayato when she came to get them. Intrigued at hearing this Dirk gets her to tell her more, probably plotting to use her against Julis if the need arises in the future, which of course it will.

So with that ep 2 is over. Like I said, lots to talk about this week as Asterisk War took time to build up its characters and plot. I like that this show still puts a lot of focus on the plot and isn’t veering off with fan service at every turn. As much as I like seeing boobs and such in an ep, there comes a point were enough is enough and I want something else to happen for a change. Asterisk War is still doing a good job of keeping the plot at the center of everything and as long as they keep doing that I’ll continue to be pleased with this show. Oh and if you’re wondering where Claudia is, she’s apparently not in this arc too much, so besides the preview I’m not sure when we’ll see the best girl again.

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 14 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_23.40_[2016.04.10_16.11.30]

That’s all for ep 2 let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below and I’ll cya guys next week!


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